Easiest way to create and grow your business online

We got together to make a perfect product that you are proud using


"GetMeAShop" enables businesses to :

  • Establish website quickly at low cost.
  • Maintain IT infrastructure and keep track of the progress you make.
  • Manage transactions in an efficient and secured manner.
  • Provide integrated payment, logistics and customer acquisition solution.

GetMeAShop develops platforms and solutions by providing an easy and affordable way to people to sell their products online through ubiquitous internet and mobile platform as means of customer connection and marketing channel. We ‘amplify the business prospects’ of retailers and ‘simplify the management’ of their businesses. We create a user friendly and lucid technology, making it accessible to retailers and manufacturers among others, who want to establish and manage online stores.

We are not any regular company which just help you create a website. We provide you with complete help at each step, of getting you online and sell your products.