How To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

The current rate of shopping cart abandonment is 79% which means that a large number of buyers abandon their purchase at checkout for one reason or another. If you compare this ratio with the brick and mortar store, the abandonment for it is actually much lower. Well if your e-commerce business is going through the same shopping cart abandonment phase then here we have compiled some common reasons that probably are affecting your sales.

Lack of trust

With the rise of the internet and the digital world, not only the consumers are becoming savvier but also more aware of the fraud and spam. You need to be more careful and should put in those important trust symbols on your store’s checkout page that can assure your customers that their transactions are safe.
Some other trust factors include:
• Product reviews.
• Providing an FAQ for common questions
• Clear contact details & office location
13% of all cart abandonment is due to payment security issues. If you can assure a customer that the payment options that you provide are safe from spam and scam then you can definitely save this 13 % of carts from abandonment.

Avoid navigational disasters

Thinking that the customer is very familiar with the internet and can easily find the way to checkout on a website can cost you later. Keep guiding your customer throughout their stay on your website and avoid any confusion and continue to guide your customer. Keep your checkout process a short process (3 steps max). It will minimize the customer’s frustration and will help reducing cart abandonment.

Speed is Important

As mentioned above, we recommend a checkout no longer than 3 steps, simply to speed the process up. The faster it is, the less the likelihood of drop off via frustration or confusion.
The faster the speed is, the less the drop off will be. Keep checking your website’s load time and speed after some time interval. A slow load time anywhere on your site will affect the customer experience, page ranking and ultimately sales. Guest check out is important. 23% of cart abandonment is due to the unavailability of guest checkout option.Do not force your customers to sign up on their first visit to your site. If they return next time to buy from you then they will definitely sign up for an account. You can also offer to sign up discount or offers for the customers.

Did you forget something? Email is the key

A sometimes customer just browse through the site, fill up their cart and then forgets it there. Emailing the customers about what they left in their cart is a way to reduce cart abandonment. Designing a shopping cart abandonment email campaign for future can help you redeem those drop outs.

Provide as much payment options as you can

Wallets are the future of payment. Don’t rely much on those traditional modes and offer new alternatives for payments. It can definitely help your business in the long run. If you are already selling through GetMeAShop, you are already able to accept payment through various payment methods.

Pay attention to your delivery charges

Hiding delivery charges at the initial steps and then charging at the time of checkout is most likely to annoy the customers who end up leaving the site. 28% of abandonment is due to the shipping costs. Wherever possible offer free delivery to the customers else is specific with the delivery charges at the time of adding a product to the cart.


Things You Need To Know Before Starting Your Online Business.

Internet has changed the way the world do business. With internet solving almost everything instantly, it has now become the fastest and widely used path for the businesses to show their presence in the online world. If you are planning to start your business online then you need to have some sort of knowledge which can help you set your online business easily.

Here we have compiled everything that you need to know about starting your online store in India.

– Business Idea

With the ever-growing technology, it is not tough anymore to start an online business. You need to decide the niche of your business and what you want to start selling online. A little research never hurts, always do market research prior to landing on a conclusion.

– Study your competition

Analyze your competitors well before finally getting into the business. Make a report of the products that your competitors deal into and study the trends and promotional activity that they follow.

Hire e-commerce professional

When planning to create a professional and beautiful storefront, you should look for professional’s website Development Company, (try GetMeAShop) who can prove to be beneficial for your store and is user-friendly. Buy a catchy domain that talks about your business and products. Your site should have payment gateways integrated with logistics services and other important requirements.

Find your target audience

Decide on who your target audience are and how to reach them easily is a crucial fact that you must study before starting an online store. This will not only help you to attract the audience but assists in increasing the traffic of your store.

Customer support

The customer support that you provide must be good enough so that the existing customers can reach you anytime for their queries. Providing good customer support ensures that your business will last for long in the market.

All these above points are very crucial and must be taken into consideration before starting an online business and surviving in the market for a long time. These could help you understand the world of e-commerce in a better way. If you are a startup then the points above will definitely guide you to establish your position in the competitive e-commerce world.


Pinterest For Business

Using social media platforms for promoting your business is one of the most effective ways in establishing your online presence and reaching out to people who matters for your business. While in my previous blogs I have already explained about using Instagram, Facebook and twitter for promotion, Pinterest for business is still a great way to engage with your community and show off your brand’s personality.

In this post, we’ll walk through how you can increase your sales with some of Pinterest’s most innovative tools. We’ve put together a set of updated strategies for Promoted Pins, Buyable Pins, and other new features that will help you build your most successful social media campaigns yet.

Pin Daily

Pinning daily is something very easy to do and Pinterest moves fast, so if you want to build up your business, you have to get into a groove. Pinning new pictures, videos, recipes, and infographics every day is easy, because it feels more like fun than work.

Think about creating daily themes for your Pinterest boards, as long as they’re all relevant. That way, your followers get new content every day and you have themes to search for, which saves time. Include a mix by sharing items from other pinners and introducing new content.

Connect with consumers to help people relate

Sometimes consumers just want the human touch. Your Facebook page is likely more professional and polished, while your business Twitter tweets are understandably truncated since there’s not a lot of room to say much of anything. But, you can use your Pinterest page to let your true self shine through.

You don’t have to share information about your spouse or your kids, but you can give your customers and fans insight into the things you like, your favorite foods, the images you love, and the things that make you laugh.

Buyable Pins

Pinterest is huge for shopping: 93% of Pinterest users have used it to plan purchases and Buyable Pins are a convenient and secure way to make shopping on Pinterest even better for your customers.

pinterest buyable pinsBuyable Pins are fully synchronized with your online store and allow users to shop and make purchases without ever actually leaving Pinterest. These Pins look a lot like their normal counterparts and feature pricing, product variants, and a blue “Buy It” button which gives your customers the option to make purchases from inside the Pinterest mobile app.

Pin it for later

To increase engagement on Pinterest, they include ‘Pin it for later’ shortlinks in their Facebook posts. These links take users directly to Pinterest and instantly prompt them to Pin the post to one of their boards.

Educate, Inform & Entertain

Make sure that all the things you pin are informative and are posted on daily basis. They should educate your followers about your business, but they need to entertain, as well. Create boards for themed days, sales, new products and humor.cDon’t pin all jokes one day, all recipes or DIY projects the next, and business information the third; mix it up so your followers can enjoy the variety.

Highlight big sales, items and events

Creating original pictures, videos, and graphics to pin is excellent. You have the chance to share new items in your product line-up, emphasize new techniques, and generally keep your followers up to date. Fresh information is always welcomed on Pinterest, and new things are more likely to get re-pinned by others. Pinterest’s popularity shows no signs of stopping, so it’s a great time to explore the opportunities.


Design Amazing Graphics For Your Social Media With Canva

Create . Feel . Liberate With Canva

If you are a hustler and are struggling to create graphics for your venture. Being a startup entrepreneur, hiring a graphic designer for infographics or basic graphic requirements can be an expensive deal for you. Canva is an amazing graphic creation tool for hustlers those who have the creative mind to give up and expensive graphic expert and self-create graphics for his venture. After working on Canva we could realize that it is a one stop solution for All In One basic graphic needs. Whether it is a blog graphic, infographic, Instagram picture or a facebook cover pic for your page, they’ve got you covered. You can create any such picture online or if you planning for some custom work with custom dimension, canva helps you to do so too. Coming down the line, we shall introduce you to the features of the mighty front end graphic designing tool canva .

Following Are The Provisions By Canva 

Multi Profile




Starting off with the provisions by Canva you will notice this multi-profile features that give your creative freedom it’s space. You can switch between personal and professional space real-time to manage your work accordingly. Your designs are stored on the cloud and also you can store them on your local computer.This is quite and easy to use the feature to manage personal and private spaces with privacy.

Custom Dimensions:



As we move further we see a custom dimension icon which basically allows us to set custom dimensions which will give us a void white sheet of paper for the starters and then we can build up a suitable graphic from scratch or the pre-installed templates.

Commonly Used Layout’s Already Uploaded

A Layout FOr EVeryone

It does not only have custom dimensions but also has some pre-uploaded fonts and layouts to cater your graphic designing needs. The online tool/graphic editing platform has a design for almost everyone and never the less it does not restrict your creativity here but also scales up your creativity by hooking up on with upload allowance and mix and match layout creativity.


For the starters, much of the layouts are free but still when we advance towards something professional you have to pay a minimal charge of $1. Not like other tools that the free stuff is total trash but to be quite serious, the free stuff too is not less than a gem.


While we can see the highlighted free in white for the free stuff, we can also spot paid stuff non-highlighted or a small $ symbol on the bottom left corner.

Premium Subscription & Team Designing :

Teamwork has been an essential part of the work on any scale. As we know no war can be war alone and designing no matter how canva has made it still is a war, to overcome this team editing is allowed where you can edit the graphic real-time with your team.

A Layout FOr EVeryone


It’s Not Over Yet :

A Layout FOr EVeryone


Nothing’s over yet. In addition to all that has been mentioned above, you get some lines (featured ), charts, I Love Canva Stickers and A Package Illustrations, Shapes, and Featured Charts with free photos too.

This is all for you to let loose your creativity and get going with your graphic needs.Not only money, but it also saves time & peace of mind too. You know what it’s not that tough to use, plus it provides a full drag and drops feature to basically give a full creative freedom to the user with a provision to have a full fledged tutorial for learning each and every aspect of Canva .

And this is completely free to use and provides you tutorials on editing and designing. Explore the tool to know more about it and you can surely use it when you create your online store with GetMeAShop for designing beautiful creatives.


The ONLINE Gold Rush has just STARTED – Are you ready to ride it?

India is a land of 1.3 Billion people – a large market for any consumer company to be in. With the rising middle class and their disposable income the Indian consumer is on a buying rampage. Whereas setting up physical distribution is a daunting and expensive task, on the other hand eCommerce operations are relatively easy to setup and scale. This is well illustrated in the growth rate of eCommerce as the eCommerce companies are setting up new revenue records every year.  For instance according to industry sources during the Diwali season of 2016 the total revenue grossed by top 3 eCommerce firms was close to $4 Billion Dollars, a 300% jump from 2014.

“Top 3 eCommerce firms was close to $4 Billion Dollars which is a 300% jump from 2014”

The eCommerce story looks even more promising in the future as the ecosystem is maturing and becoming sophisticated. The eCommerce ecosystem comprises of the following 4 important pieces




The thought of developing a website seems like a mammoth task for many people. The first thing that comes to mind on the mere thought of building a website is of a software engineer or an IT company. This brings in to picture the task of finding and evaluating a reliable vendor. A wrong vendor may be catastrophic not only in terms of money but can also result in loss of valuable time. Everyone doesn’t have a generous friend who is well versed with IT and will help you with the evaluation and project management. Thus most of us end up losing money or time or both.  However the above situations can very well be avoided specially with the advent of D-I-Y ( do it yourself ) –eCommerce platforms where you can develop a beautiful eCommerce store fully integrated with the necessary ecosystem to run your business online. With these D-I-Y platforms you have the full control of your website; can develop and change it as and when you like without the requirement to learn any coding. Platforms such as Shopify, GetMeAShop, BigCommerce can help you get your business online within few minutes.

Internet Reach

Internet penetration is growing in India with a 30% Y-O-Y average growth rate in the internet users since 2006. The current fiscal budget of 2017-2018 allocated Rs 10,000 crore to the digitization of villages.


Image 2017-02-28 11-12-41



This growth is not only in number of people coming online but also transacting users. Consider the 2016 Diwali sales season. People from Tier 2 and 3 cities participated actively in the sales not only on regular categories but also other segments like jewelry saw a jump in sales compared to last year. Just for a data perspective – “Amazon saw 70% of its new orders from smaller cities, Shopclues saw a 50% increase in the orders from non-metro cities and towns, Snapdeal said that 60% of its orders were from tier 2 and 3”


8th November 2016 was a historic day in India when the Prime Minister announced the decision to ban Rs 500 and Rs 1000 money bills. The process of demonetization also started a shift in which people transact in their daily lives specially in the urban areas. Mobile wallets made their way to the stalls of PAN and tea vendor along with being present at swanky upmarket restaurants. The government started to incentivize cashless payments by providing cashbacks on even essentials commodities such as fuel.


Image 1: A local Pan-Cigarette Vendor who accepts Digital/Card payments in New Delhi, India

The demonetization exercise made both vendors and customers to adopt technology with open arms. Merchants both large and small adopted digital payments accepting cards we well digital wallet payments. The government also went ahead to roll out necessary initiatives to create a cohesive environment to enable small merchants to acquire infrastructure to process cashless payments. The bottom-line is that Indians are now comfortable to transact using cards and digital payments.


Southeast Asia is the next e-commerce wonderland: DHL eCommerce CEO Charles Brewer

DHL has announced an investment of $75 Million in India. Along with DHL many other companies have followed suit with investments to grow their fleet, warehouses and capabilities in India. Logistics in India is moving up the ladder as we see the arrival of 5 PL logistics providers in the country to help businesses reach their customers in far flung regions.


As the digital infrastructure to do business online improves in country and the consumer get internet savvy the internet will be the new market, yet the importance of our offline store cannot be undermined. Even the biggest         e-retail company Amazon has launched its offline stores by name of Amazon Go. However this reflects the importance of an omni-channel retailing and distribution. The rising cost of real estate are definitely a reality but at the same time one must acknowledge that 90% of buying still happens offline and hence it is extremely important to have an offline presence yet at the same time use the offline touch point to encourage consumer to go online. I will write another post on how you can maximize business potential by leveraging online and offline channels to reach out to customers.

We at GetMeAShop help you grow your business across the world. If you are thinking about starting a new business or expand sales of your existing business we would be happy to listen to your story and partner with you. Please reach out to us at and let’s start the journey.

The author works in the customer success team of GetMeAShop and also blogs at The Fairopinion


Importance Of Images In Your Website Strategy

Images play an essential role in the web strategy. For a layman it maybe a weapon of removing the boredom feel from the website. An image is much more for a website than it looks, not only images but photographs, infographics, cartoons, GIFs, also some other visual elements are the heart of a website. Always remember to add images in your website strategy as a picture is more than a graphic to remove boredom and it is actually very useful in the different manners.

If used effectively, images can help drive more visitors to your website, promote social sharing and ultimately helps driving business goals such as sales. Here are the top five reasons images are important for your website.

Increasing the no. of views:

This has been proved by many studies that the no. of view increase when you have images placed on your website. For answering you why? Our answer is that it offer’s a visual treat to the readers. Not only this but many other factors are influenced by the graphics. Whether be it infographics to explain the topic quite simply or a video for a how to ? or maybe an image of a Mac with a cup of coffee to as a featured image on a digital marketing blog post, will get the visitor be bound to you because of the interest the graphics create.

A convincing customer about the product:

Convincing the customer about the product and assuring him about the product looks and quality. I mean how could you buy a product before looking at it event if it was branded. Till you product is visually appealing and you have the customer trust you are going down.

Rise on the search results:

Search results directly indirectly affect your traffic and earnings. Higher the search volumes higher the traffic you will be getting. Not only you appearing in the search results will help you but you have to grow higher in the search results to and be high on traffic is directly proportional to topping the search results and both of these factors grow hand in hand.

Social Media Attraction:

Social media, it can be your friend or your enemy . Not everyone knows how to use this weapon as a friend. Social media is so influential that you can’t even imagine. We have seen many websites who have grown up the search volumes and traffic through social media

I hope these reasons were sufficient to help you understand that how can images fuel up your visitor’s, overall traffic, ranking & much more is dependent on the images. Now next time you post to keep in mind “Importance Of Images In Your Website Strategy”

successful entreprenuer

Traits Of A Successful Entrepreneur

Being your own boss is obviously an exciting prospect, however owning a business isn’t for everyone. If you have ever thought about striking out on your own then this blog is for you. Certain personality traits like  to follow the rule of mutual exclusiveness and dependence of freedom and discipline are the traits of an successful entrepreneur .

Starting a business is a lot of work. Anyone who tells you it’s not is either lying or has never actually started one themselves. The hours are long, sacrifices are great and you are assaulted with new problems and challenges every day with seemingly no end. If you don’t have the constitution to weather these things, your business could implode on you faster than it started and the being a successful entrepreneur may just become a dream for you.

Clearly, entrepreneurship is not for everyone. But how do you know whether it’s for you? You should start by asking yourself what it takes to be a leader because, for the most part, you’ll be doing a lot of the work up front by yourself. If you can’t lead yourself through startup, chances are you won’t likely be able to lead your business and future employees through growth and on to success.

Successful entrepreneurs, from Henry Ford to Steve Jobs, share similar qualities with one another. To see how you rank against these distinguished entrepreneurs, keep reading and check out whether you share at least half of these qualities

Here are few characteristics you should ideally possess to start and run your own business:

Positive Motivation

To be a successful entrepreneur we need to be a positively motivated personality to pursue the work without fear, and take the risks on a positive note. They are always in high spirits and sometimes a bit impatient too. Never the less they are always thinking about their business and always running behind profit to grow their business, pocket depths, and market shares.

Creativity & Persuasiveness

As the hunger for profit increases, the person becomes experienced & to be precise has a precise idea what will work for growth for him and what would take him down the graph. Successful entrepreneurs work as machines without fail and are always on a hunt for new promotion and marketing ideas.


When versatility comes in the picture you have to ask yourself are you versatile enough? You may not have facilities and luxury that you could hire a support staff at the start . You must have the right attitude towards work. Simple thinking, managing all departments single-handedly, ie bookkeeping, account management, marketing, finance etc. So before starting up something, just use Stop. Think . Perform . criteria to finalize are you ready for this?

Business Skills

Entrepreneurs are born with a talent or you may say a USP of internal networking and team management. They pretty much focus on the flow of money. They have a clear idea of what all is being done in the organization and they are precisely monitoring the flow of money and sales .

Risk Tolerance

Launching any startup is risky, while we are still working hard for it to go up we may face a loss. To deal with such losses we cannot be 100% sure that we will be successful. So the startup businessmen and entrepreneur’s should be positively mentored one’s who are pretty much ready for the worst to come.


A very basic factor which can also be termed as a generic factor, explains or simulates you on a driver’s seat where you have the command in your hand to handle and manage everything. You have be a doer and motivator for the team. So what’s your take on this? Will you be working on your own or will you wait for someone to help you?
Vision: What we recommend is to plan a vision or direction beforehand. After starting it is not a cakewalk to design a business case and set your vision so what you have to do is do now before starting your venture.


Mistakes You Might Be Making On Social Media

Everyone these days is using some sort of social media, Whether it’s for personal or for their brands and business, a large percentage of people are using it for staying connected, market and for promoting their products and services.  Social media is undoubtedly a market and is beneficial for businesses but it can also have damaging effects when not being  used correctly. Where there was only chatting and interaction the main aim of social media , the social media marketer’s have changed the meaning and definition to “Connect”.

This one word has changed the whole market , now what ever and wherever your venture is you need social media handlers to beat your opponent and to grow rapidly instead of slogging with your business . You must not only have a command on the social media but you also should be updated bout the usage of tags with specificity to a business you are handling . But , you may take it as a good thing ,but certainly it’s not for a good hefty majority of people . Still some people use social media as power and some are left behind in the race .

Make sure you don’t fall into the following pitfalls.

Being Less Interactive With Your Followers/Friends :

Majority of the population still doesn’t know how to socialize on social media ,some times we may not feel but we abandon those people who have major hopes with us . Still we if ignore people or keep them abandoned or unsatisfied  which reflects a mega brand reputation to deplete drastically .While still most of the mega brands have been ruining a major part of their potential customer base . This mistake if you have been doing you must stop , this can be considered as a sin if you are into digital selling on anything into to digital marketing . If you have the talent to turn an upset visitor to happy , there can be nothing better in the world .You have to keep one thing in mind before you kill your own venture due to small petty mistakes . The word social itself means to “socialize ” which literally means to interact so make your social media handles interactive and see where they would take you .

Refrain from only selling policy :

Using social media for marketing or content for marketing only ? Then we must say you are going very wrong ! The main  thing user turns towards you is to expect help , and not always on monetary basis . Not all the times you have to focus on selling or money , sometimes you have to focus on solving queries . Write and share tips and tricks to beat out their queries at a mass level of audience acquisition , where your target audience is being targeted with a common query . No one is interested in you if you are not solving their queries , not helping them out & not giving the space they want from you . We never insist to connect with them on the personal level , but still the correct way to connect with them is present their queries in a horrific blunder way , then post an angelic solution for it which will automatically accept your products as the solution to their problems . Then what ever price tag you put , you will have a good sale simply because you grow up to the level of a brand and attain that respect in front of the consumers.

Expecting a follow-back from people whom you follow :

The easiest thing which looks like is that following anyone anonymously for getting a followback . But this is not a very cool idea in the ideal state . It seems to be quite impressive but still this doesn’t help in giving you a good target audience . Sorry to inform you that getting high amount of followers and giving zero activity or giving zero engagement . All your efforts and time spent on the project would be wasted and you may end up destroying your venture .

Not Knowing Your Target Audience

People often dive head first into their new business without thinking of their target audience. Ask yourself who you want your business or brand to appeal to and the type of people you want your business to connect with.  You might also learn what social media platforms work best for you and your target audience, so you can stop using what isn’t working and put your focus and efforts into what is.

In this post here we conclude a few points to improve on while marketing on social media . We recommend  you to work upon these points till we excavate and publish some new points to work upon .

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Sell On Snapdeal & Other Multi Sales Channels

GetMeAShop helps businesses to strengthen their sales and increase profitability by selling products directly through marketplaces (Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, eBay etc).  When you create your online store with GetMeAshop, it enables you to easily list and sell on Snapdeal and on multi sales channels, manage and fulfill orders, manage inventory and access all the multi channels from a single dashboard.

Create & Publish Listings

The powerful automation helps you expand your business, easily and quickly.

Sync and control Inventory

Add your inventory for once on your online store and then you can adjust automated synchronization across all your listings. GetMeAShop helps you in automatic synchronization of your inventory in the offline store, marketplace, Facebook store and web store.

Manage & Fulfill Orders

Increase automation and reduced costs, you can manage all your order and can fulfill them on time when you sell on Snapdeal or any other sales channel.

Generate Powerful Reports

Get all the data and report that you need to optimize your business and to drive more sales. Know in-depth analytics of your business and plan ahead to increase your brand’s visibility, sales & revenue.

24×7 Customer Support

Your satisfaction is our mission.  Our Customer support team is always there when you have a query.

Tricks To Boost Up LinkedIn Connections For Your Business

Tricks To Boost Up LinkedIn Connections For Your Business

LinkedIn has been a  platform for the professionals with numerous of market experts joining everyday. Growing your LinkedIn network helps you establish as an expert in your field and increases your reach and exposure.  Talking about content , LinkedIn has proved to be a good host for driving traffic and content. It helps businesses to boost up LinkedIn connections and reach more people. If you are looking to host your content on the local search group of your industry, then you are on the right track and the right platform to follow this track . LinkedIn recommendations also helps in reaching out to your customers .

If LinkedIn fits in your business needs and if you want to use it as a marketing channel, here’s how you get started.

Set Up Your Profile :

Before you proceed further your profile should be fully prepared.

  • Your Picture Should Be On Your Profile : Generally people don’t prefer to put up their pictures on social media,  which is a very wrong habit . Your profile should have only your’s photo and nothing else’s  .
  • Make those 120 words of description captive : Those 120 words for description aren’t meant for your job title instead of putting your job title up use some descriptive and captive words to describe your profile . You can think of it as your “60-second commercial” . These are the very first sentences people read, and you have a pretty short time to grab the visitor’s attention and make them want to read more & more .
  • Experience : It is the body of your profile . This has to be done very carefully and used with seo and keywords which are pretty much needed for your growth . Industry recruiter’s use those specific keywords to find people .
  • All the given below stuff should be mentioned in your profile :
  1. Your industry and location
  2. An up-to-date current position (with a description)
  3. Your education
  4. Your skills (minimum of 3)
  5. A profile photo
  6. At least 50 connections

Create your company’s Page :

  • Create your company’s description and overview. Try to be precise, but include what your company does, its specialties, and what makes your venture unique & better than others of your kind . Basically we require the USP of the company to be visible and prominent .
  • Include your company’s banner logo or infographic to bring your page to life
  • Tell employees to add this to your profile .
  • Invest in ads to get your target followers
  • Link your website to your linked in by adding easy links to the website .
  • Share follower specific content daily . This will keep your followers happy and will keep you in recommendations .

Groups have been a great medium to interact and network through recommendations and common interests`1 .These may be national organizations, trade associations, local networking groups or volunteer organizations .Also we would recommend you , consider Joining Corporate-Sponsored Groups . Only getting into groups is not enough , it would be incomplete if you won’t connect with people and participate in group discussions .

Ask For The Follow

Nobody will follow you until you ask them to. Start sharing your company page through your personal network through status updates asking people to join your business network. Ask your employees to share the company page. Use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other SM platforms for sharing the company.

Follow Others

If you haven’t heard it before, it bears repeating: social media success is about sharing and giving. The more you give to others by liking their posts, sharing their stuff and following them, the more people are likely to give back to you in the same or similar ways.

Write & Share Blog Post Or Article

Write a blog post or article about LinkedIn and its application to your industry–for example, 10 Top Industry Groups or a How to Grow Your Business with LinkedIn article. Include a link to your Company page in the Author’s box or in the body of the blog post. This helps increasing your reach to the audience.

Follow these tips and tricks one by one and see the difference in the followers and company reach . Hope to have you in our comments section discussing if some thing has changed or any other query . This is the latest trick to Boost Up LinkedIn Connections .