4 Giant reasons to Leave Online Marketplace and Start Your Own Web Store

4 Giant reasons to Leave Online Marketplace and Start Your Own Web Store

June 9, 2016 Admin 0Comment

Why keep paying service fees to a marketplace when you could do everything on your own?

I have often heard people asking “Is it worth selling on my site”. Some asks “Which is more expensive- selling on market places or on my site?  If you have asked yourself the same questions, then keep reading as this blog is for you.

Online marketplaces such as Jabong, Etsy, eBay and Amazon help to create an online shopping environment for your brand. These are more like a flea market of online world and thousands of startup E-commerce companies are using these to sell online.

You might be making good money as a vendor on one of these marketplaces and idea of starting your own website may seem useless to you? You might be thinking why to risk everything you have while reaching for more?  Well, here’s why.

You brand identity

The most important thing about having your own store is that you get zero competition when it comes to people shopping on your store. When they shop from your website, they only got to see what you are selling, because that’s all they have to look at. People who click on your shop link will make sure that they like your products.

Your own brand, your own website

Ever thought when you sell through these marketplaces, you get the benefit of those brand names. Think about it, when customer makes a purchase from you, do you think they’ll name your company while telling about it. They name the marketplace from where they bought the amazing new thing that you sold.  Without having your own store, creating your own content and building your own brand, you’re a needle in a haystack. In fact, you’re building someone else’s brand with your amazing products.

Eventually, you will end up thinking that you need an online store. Have your own source of revenue or a way to monetize your business website. So keep that in mind before you disregard the idea of a personal online store.

– Full control of your online store
– No unseen updates that could delay your sales
– without worrying about competition, bring in your target market
– No risk of having your store deleted

The revenue is only yours

If you think starting your own website will cost you then remember that Selling on marketplace is not free of cost either. You pay them for every purchase being made from your brand.

Now you might be thinking “But owning my store will cost me,” . Yes that’s true.  There are many options out there for online stores, like GetMeAShop that offers basic point-of-sale services for at a price plan that fits your pocket. Create your fully functional website, with room for all the content you can create?

Market your brand…Not Someone Else’s

You must be marketing your products through blogging and social media platforms that you are selling through marketplace. Great Job!  Just remember that you are marketing the marketplace and not your brand. In simpler words, you make them look good.

With your own online store all your efforts to market your brand, your company and your products will serve to elevate only you. No other company will get the benefit from the blogs you write, the social media posts you share, or the video post to YouTube. With your own eCommerce company all your work would be to support your brand. Your income goes right back into your pocket or business.