5 simple ways to increase conversations on social media without spending money

5 simple ways to increase conversations on social media without spending money

October 13, 2018 admin 0Comment

What is social media and how can it be used?

Social media networking is a way that allows to create and share content such as conversations, views, and pictures via websites, and mobile applications.

There are certain ways social media can be used. Today, channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are used as a marketing tool to promote the brand, increase brand visibility, build a relationship and communicate with potential customers.

What are social media conversations and the importance of chats?

Social media conversations involve two or more people talking and communicating. It’s a crucial part of any brand, the platform helps develop and double the leads by creating a two-way conversation with your audience.

5 ways to increase conversations

Create unique content for each platform
Rolling out the same content across all social media platforms will not really do well. People easily get bored of seeing the same content everywhere. Make a unique content strategy for each platform.

Ask questions

A question stimulate the curiosity in users. Hence, putting a question for the public or asking them to “ask us anything” would really help generate good conversation.

Conduct contests and giveaways

Running a contest and keeping exciting prices will easily garner a lot of attention of the consumers. People love to participate in a simple contest where you can simply ask them to tag three friends and to list favorite product from your brand in the comment section.

Reply to comments and DMs

Social listening is very important, you need to acknowledge your audience by replying with a personalized message to each user.

Share their picture/review/comment

You need to keep a track of user-generated content. If anyone is talking good about your product or service, you should promote it by reposting their feed.

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