5 Ways Blogging Can Be Effective For E-commerce Growth
June 7, 2017 Puneet Kapani 0Comment

Everyone wants traffic on their website, whether you have been using it before or not but yes, you need to blog. Many eCommerce businesses don’t bother about starting a blog and those who have it, doesn’t really care to update it. The latter is exactly the reason your eCommerce business needs a blog.

When you start an e-commerce business, you just think of selling your products without worrying about things like writing blog posts and attracting followers. It’s in fact effective to throw up a blog because everyone’s doing it. Hence, it is very important to update it frequently with good and quality content. Blogging can be a great way to assemble your audience and generate more traffic and visitors and eventually, sales for your business.

Here are some reasons as to why blogging can be essential for your e-commerce growth:

1. Good for SEO

Blogging is a great way to improve SEO (Search engine optimization) and finally, increasing traffic on your page or website. Firstly, blogging means more pages for your site that in turn means more internal links pointing to your homepage. Internal links are great, but links from other sites are much better. When an article of yours gets shared on social media and gets linked to on other sites, then your page rankings improves. It’s easier to generate links by putting interesting content than from your product on the pages. The more links you can generate back to your site because of the content you create, the higher you’ll climb in the search engines.

2. Creates a personality for your business or store

A blog on your any e-commerce site or page is a great way to build relationships and connections with your visitors and audience. When you write blog posts regularly, it shows some personality. The visitors to your site will start getting to know you, rather than just seeing a website. The comment sections in your blogs also helps you to know the adequate feedback required for betterment.

3. Can educate your customers

Blogs are an effective way to provide useful and practical information to your audience. It lets you tell stories that automatically convert visitors into customers and eventually increases the chances of engagement on social media and other modes of media. Also, by providing helpful information, you can build trust and loyalty within your audience. If your viewers begin to view you as a true authority in your field, they will be more likely to try the products you sell. Some might find your blog helpful and educational, and even if they don’t buy something during that first visit, they may return later for more quality blog content and then decide to make a purchase.

4. Helps you go Viral

It is always a good option to encourage your visitors to promote your posts on social media channels like Pinterest or Facebook, hence, awareness of your blog can spread more rapidly. Always share something that looks good to your followers and friends. You’ll also give yourself the opportunity to create strong internal links with rich anchor text that link to your product pages.

5. Generates more traffic

Keeping a track of a regular blog also signals that your site is being updated. Search engines track these changes. Each new page is a sign that your site is active. Google rewards that by ranking your site more highly. This is also a great way to encourage repeat visits to your e-commerce site.