8 Ways To Enjoy Your Work Rather Than Stressing Out
August 31, 2017 Puneet Kapani 0Comment

Workplace stress is a serious subject. Sometimes on-the-job stress hits like a ton of bricks. But no matter how it arrives, you’ve probably felt it. Apparently, the experience of stress at work is because of the pressures and one’s helplessness to work under that pressure and get things in control.

Everyone has experienced at least one knocked out day at work before, but the difference between those who crack under pressure versus those who coast to victory is how they react to it. Angry clients, phones ringing, leading to stress hives.

More importantly, all this worrying at work can have serious consequences for our quality of life, not only at the office, but everywhere else as well. And while it’s certainly true that the causes of your stress may be out of your hands, your response to it isn’t–at least not entirely.

So instead of sitting back and suffering, it is time to regain your sanity. Try taking these steps:

  1. Ease up on controls

Focus on the parts that you can control and let go of those you can’t. In that case, you will have a control on things and the whole situation in your hands. Inability to delegate and the need to minimise things under your management, are both paths to increased stress and burnout. The times when you’re most stressed, is the right time to trust others and delegate your work smartly to reduce your stress level. So, instead of trying to fiddle with your working style altogether, look for small and one-time tasks or projects you can hand off to others just this once. In this way you can easily overcome stress at workplace.

2. Act Rather than Reacting

Stress hormone, wears down confidence, concentration and well-being. To keep that in balance, identify the aspects of the situation you can control and aspects you can’t. Typically, you’re in control of your actions and responses, but not in control of macro forces or someone else’s tone. So, let your reaction rest and action charged up. Instead of reacting to anything stressing at work, start acting upon it to make it under control. You know better what you are capable of.

3. Eat well and sleep well

Eating right food can maintain the balance of your body system. Advisory is to eat a low-sugar and high-protein diet. Sleep is the second most important aspect of stress free living whether at home or work. When you’re not sleeping well, you’re not getting the rejuvenating effects. Keep a good balance of both right food and adequate sleep to keep your stress level in control.

4. Ask for help 

Asking for help is seen as a sign of weakness most of the time. That is why people are hesitant to ask for any kind of help at once. People from whom you ask help also seldom see it as the same sign of weakness that can ultimately lead to misunderstandings and your credibility in the company. Try asking for a small amount of help initially and see what kind of impact that makes, then work up to requesting assistance with the bigger arenas as well. But, do ask if you are stuck somewhere. There is no harm in questioning if you are unable to do work properly. Good work is always better than half done.

5. Take time out

When we’re frustrated, the first thing we’re often told to do is push our chairs back from the table and blow off steam. At work, this isn’t always so simple. Our natural urge is often just to push harder. Your productivity goes down, stress levels go up due to unnecessary pushing. The most productive thing you can do is step away from your work to recharge and regenerate. Go for a walk, meditate, take deep breaths, sit outside for half an hour and just do nothing and relax for a while.

6. Set A Reminder To drink Water

In fact, some people actually forget to drink water. Water is essential to keep the body temperature normal. It also helps to flush out the toxins and wastes through urination, perspiration, and bowel movement. Research reveals that dehydration can affect brain and cause lack of attention and memory problems.

7. Go for Juice Over Coffee

You might be having several stressful moments at work, or ,may be hours, when everyone wants something or the other from you urgently. All this definitely calls for a cup of coffee. But, if this happens repeatedly, it effect your health adversely. According to experts, coffee does stimulate your brain but more than 4 cups of coffee per day is hazardous to health. Try and bring in some healthy changes in your lifestyle by replacing coffee with water or fruit juice.

8. Stand whenever Possible

Majority of office goers sit for nearly 6 hours in a day. Researches have shown that cumulative impact of sitting all day for years is associated with various  health problems, from obesity to diabetes to cancer. Although not possible in all workplaces, the popularity of the sit-stand desk and stand up workstation is booming. During your hours at office, make sure you split your standing and sitting time accordingly. You can stand while you discuss work with colleague or when you talk on cell phone.

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