9 things to keep in mind before launching your online business

9 things to keep in mind before launching your online business

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What is an online business?

The buying or selling of products through the internet medium is called online business. It also includes commercial transactions, the exchange of products and services between businesses, groups, and individuals.

9 things you need to keep in place before launching an online business

Launching a business is not easy, here are a few things which you need to keep in mind before pushing your product online.

Test your website/e-store

Before doing any sponsored post, you need to test your website. Buy products yourself to check if the whole ‘add to cart’ ‘buy now’ and payment process is in place. Also, test it on various devices including desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phones.

Gather contacts and send invites

Worried about how to get customers? Gather all your Gmail, outlook and mobile contacts to pitch the audience by sending them the launch invites and offers.

Ask for reviews

Taking feedback from your friends, colleagues and family is really important. By doing this, you will get various points to work upon and get a chance to improve your online store before it reaches the mass. Hence, you can fix the errors beforehand.

Get active on social media prior to launch

To have the social media presence, you don’t need to wait for the launch to happen! Rather create pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and push teaser posts about the product launch. You can also opt for paid promotion to unveil the product.

Don’t forget LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the biggest professional network in the world. It allows you to promote your brand, build connections with individuals and other businesses.

Build communication

Take queries on Social Media by asking questions and reply to all the comments that you receive on posts. These communications will develop trust in your brand.

Track traffic

Finally, make sure you are tracking the web traffic and considering the points like which city it is coming from, what is the most visited page, etc. You can easily track the website traffic with the help of Google Analytics. Also, track engagement, clicks, shares, comments, and likes on Facebook Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It will help you make a robust marketing strategy.

Understand Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a very imperative part of any website. You need to understand the basic concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that you can suitably create your site and pages. It is a kind of technique that lets your website rank on Google.

Get the right tools

There are countless tools available that support the website and its functioning. Many of which are free and there are a plenty of e-portals that charge a nominal amount and gives you complete access to create a website with extended features such as social media support, customer data management, running customized offers on products etc. E-commerce portals like GetMeAShop (GMAS) will save your money, time and assist you with everything that a website or startup e-business needs.

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