Absolute Essentials For Your E-commerce Website
October 31, 2017 Admin 0Comment

You can create an incredibly amazing website by keeping customer experience as the main focus. There is a lot that needs attention while running an effective e-commerce store. Being able to hold customer’s attention for long time is not that easy and a store usually gets a short attention time span. To let buyers shop more from your e-commerce store, you need to build your online store in a way that the customer stays engaged as there are some basic elements on your store influences sales.

With this in mind, here we’ve compiled few essentials to help you get started.

Beautiful home page

This is the first thing that a customer will notice while visiting your store for the first time. You must decorate your home page so well that it not just attracts the customer but also speaks for what you deal into. Put your most appealing products on the home page. You can then link those products to similar collections instead of making the customers check out the entire store for similar looking products. You can even put latest deals or offers on your homepage and redirect the customers to the products falling under those deals or offers.

Visible Search Bar and Cart

These are the small details that must not be overlooked. The online browsers or customers are turning out to be more intolerant and more familiarized in finding what they want right away. So it is advisable to have an easily visible search bar and cart on your e-commerce store. They allow a customer to monitor their browsing and shopping. You can lose a sale if the customer cannot find the search bar and cart option easily even if the customer wants the products.

Contact Information

Delivering a brilliant service experience in a well-timed and professional way is surely quite essential for the success of your e-commerce store in the long run. So let your customers know that you are there for them whenever they need you by putting the contact information of the e-commerce store on the website itself. This way you can infuse confidence among your customers as they would know how to reach you whenever they have a query.

Free Shipping

Free shipping is one method by which the customers coming to your e-commerce store makes a decision. You can offer free shipping to your customers over a specific amount spent. Unexpected high shipping cost during the checkout has seen many customers abandoning the shopping cart. It is seen that getting rid of that high shipping cost on a minimum expenditure attracts customers. This way you can get them back to your store for more purchases.

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Easy Return Policy

Customers who shop online are at times not very happy with the product they receive. In such cases, it is suitable that your e-commerce store has an easy return policy so that the customer can return or exchange the products they purchased without any trouble. All the information regarding the return policy should be mentioned clearly on the website. In many cases if the customers find the return policy suitable, they return to your store to purchase more products.

Good Quality Product Pictures

The product pictures on your website give the customers an idea about how the product they are planning to buy is going to be. It is quite important that the pictures are of high quality and have a good lighting. You can put two or more pictures of the same product clicked in different angles to give the customers an understanding of the product. So upload good quality pictures of the product along with its description to attract the customers.

FAQ Section

The Frequently Asked Questions section is very important in any website. Customers who are looking for any type of assistance can be given the help in this section. You can think of various questions that a customer may put up and provide the answers for those questions in the FAQ section. You can speak to your customers here without the need of a salesperson.