How to Build Customer’s Trust- A three Steps guide
September 19, 2016 Admin 0Comment

No matter what you set as your e-commerce business strategy, gaining customer’s confidence will always help you achieve success for your business. Though there are no shortcuts when it comes to gaining customers, but you can always use the correct strategy as your guide to attaining customers.

Have a look at the three steps guide to help you earn loyal customers who trust your brand, try these three techniques:

Be Honest
Present your product as actually it is. Of course, your jobs is to make your product look good but make sure that in order to make it look presentable, you don’t mispresent it. Provide shoppers with accurate and detailed information about your product so that when it reaches their doorsteps they won’t regret buying from you.

Remember, successful brands pursue repeat-shoppers and as statistic says 8% of consumers makes 41% of online purchases. Know your customer’s reviews about your product. If a product is consistently receiving poor reviews, then there is definitely something wrong with your description and their expectation form the product. No product pleases everyone, but if a product is continuously receiving bad reviews then there is something definitely wrong with how you are presenting it.

Offer free returns for unhappy customers and you can also use the tactic of replying on the feedbacks on public platforms, it takes less time and also leaves a huge impact on unhappy shoppers.

Be Consistent
One great shopping experience overcomes one negative one. Make sure to provide consistency of service to your customers.

Product Information
Even if you’re selling on marketplaces, multi-channel retailing, your website or through your brick and mortar store, always provide consistent product information of the same product. Do not confuse your customers with different product information of same products on different channels.

It is crucial to connect your target audience with your brand. Pick your brand voice and audience and then stick with it. It is more important to stay true to your core customers than to risk them for getting new customers.

Customer Service
Go above and beyond in consistently delighting and surprising customers with your ability to solve their problems about the product. Offer free shipping to make them feel more comfortable purchasing new products.

Gain Trust
With staying honest and consistent, you will end up gaining your customer’s trust for your brand. Earning your customers trust is the starting step to reaching to more audience as a happy customer who trusts your brand will share his/her experience with their family or friends directly influencing their buying decision.

For your business to gain long-term growth, consumer confidence is very crucial and isn’t an option. However, those retailers and brands that pursue honesty, consistency and accuracy will always see the extraordinary long term results.