Take Your Business From Bricks To Clicks
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Build & Expand Your Business Online At A Minimum Cost

‘Sticking to the knitting’ is surely a safe road to continuing the brick-and-mortar businesses, but in today’s world of commerce, anything and everything can be sold online. While some types of businesses call for a regular brick & mortar store to be successful, one should never dismiss the option of selling online, either as a main source of sales or in addition to a physical store.

But right now, you need the cheapest possible way to launch an eCommerce site. You have either a little money in your pocket, or even zero money to start selling, so keep reading to start saving!

In order to solve the problem of customer reach, increasing sales and other net issues of small traditional retailers, GetMeAShop launched a bronze plan at just INR 1499/- to help you kickstart your e-commerce business at minimal and affordable costs.

As a businessman, you got to do your homework, validate your idea and make sure that you just don’t just share your product but sell it too. If you can’t deliver, you will be out of business soon. Expansion and growth is something that everyone wants to achieve when they are into business.

All this while, you look out for options where you could feel liberated and even more determined to choose the destiny of your business in a wider landscape.

E-commerce is one such solution to give your ideas or business new measures. But wait!

Bunch of thought tingling your brain that is absolutely a mandate to arise when it comes to spending a penny. The e-commerce industry has not looked back and is increasing rapidly. This surely has the potential to take your business to a next level. But does this convince you? Nah!!

Time has gone when one had to plan a lot, approach numerous people along with huge investment to be able to make money online. With the changing times, it has now become a lot easier to be able to make money without spending much. Nowadays, people are earning decent sum using the digital landscape. Some of the long terms money making ideas are actually slow at the start but are very effective if you see it through the long term. You need to select the best methods which suit your need.

Shopping online gives buyers the ability to shop whenever they want even including times when your retail store is actually closed. Hence, the mobility of business gets restricted if you have only an offline store. We as AAM AADMI are intimidated by technology, thinking what to do, how to do, how much to do and the list is never-ending. We assume that technology is expensive but indeed fruitful. So, why worry and kick-start your flair to expand today with our new Bronze plan with a minimal cost of just Rs. 1499.

With GetMeAShop, reap the benefits of mentoring, creating and growing your own business and turn your passion into a business. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. With the access to the guidance of experienced professionals, start and help your small business thrive.

An e-commerce business plan is definitely required but at the same time, it is equally necessary to plan out on the business cost estimates and the budget forecasts. With GetMeAShop budget friendly Bronze plan, you can also launch and run your e-commerce business with no extra or operating costs.

GetMeAShop Costs & Plans in Detail


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