How to create a 301 redirect in GetMeAShop

How to create a 301 redirect in GetMeAShop

May 10, 2018 admin 0Comment

Losing visitors on invalid URLs or URL that no more exist?

We introduce you our new feature to redirect your visitors to valid relevant URLs/pages
Your effort and money invested in the promotion of old URLs will not get wasted on change of the URLs. With URL Redirection feature, you can redirect old URLs of your website to the new ones.


For example- You shared a product link with your friends and customers through social media for promotions. Now that product is not available and you want the visitors to redirect to some other product page from the same link. Then you can use GetMeAShop dashboard to set URL redirection.



  • Eliminate the risk of losing visitors due change in categories/products/website platform
  • To direct traffic from other URLs owned by the same domain
  • Upload the details of old and new URLs in bulk with help of an excel sheet


How to use:

  • Go to dashboard > SEO > Bulk URL Redirects Upload

  • Download the sample excel file > upload the data of OLD and New URLs > Save it on your Desktop

  • Upload the file to dashboard > Click on save.
  • You can also edit URLs data, just click on ‘Export as excel’. Edit the data and upload it on dashboard.

(Mention the optional email ID for exporting the data, leave it blank if you want the data on default one)