Create These Types Of Marketing Videos To Increase Your Conversions.
January 2, 2017 Admin 0Comment

Videos have always been an excellent way to attract visitors to increase engagement in the community. Depending upon the kind of product you deal in, target community, use of the product, there are varied types of marketing videos you can make to make an impression on others.

Survey shows that 73% of customers are more inclined to buy a product after watching a related marketing video. So it’s the right time for your business to take advantage of the marketing videos strategy in the present e-commerce scenario.

Product Demo Video

Product videos are the most recognizable types of videos and have been in existence for a long time. They are highly popular and allow a potential customer base to experience the product by just watching the video. These videos contain the basics of how a product works and the benefits it provides.
By creating and sharing such a video, you make it easier for the customers to get to know about the full range features of the product and to decide to make a purchase.

How-to Videos

The details oriented videos stand out when sharing information about the product. You can link these videos to the product page as well for the customers who are interested in discovering how to best use the product. Explaining the product features and effectively convincing the viewers to buy from you.

Comparison Video

These types of competitive videos are reluctant to make online purchases. Customers sometimes are confused about buying a product and that is where these videos help. This can influence them to choose from the best suit to their specified needs. These videos not only remove their stress but also give them the tool to discover the positives and negative of their potential purchase.
You comparison video must show the features that set each part of the product apart, highlighting the pros and cons of each of the products.

Review Video

Testimonials and review by client videos are the essential tool for the success of an online store. This id the mirror towards the quality of your products based on what the consumer says. Studies have shown that video testimonials are extremely effective in converting the users. Manufacturers who posts review videos to their product pages and on social media platforms earns more customer confidence than the ones who don’t.

Interactive Video

Certainly, a great way to engage users and get them involved in your e-commerce site. A call-to-action link can be attached to access products and other interactive elements that drive customers to actively participate in the products that you are selling.
While marketing the product online is extremely effective if you boost it the right way and can help you take the video marketing initiative to the next level. By creating and using videos for diverse content on your e-commerce website, you are sure to see an increase in the user’s engagement, sales and loyalty for your brand in the coming times.