How To Keep Customers With Social media And Email?

How To Keep Customers With Social media And Email?

February 17, 2019 Admin 0Comment

New customers are an important source of revenue for growing companies. But retaining and selling to existing customers can also be a significant source of growth. Then when you need to increase sales, you want a list of people who appreciate your brand and company. Social media can help you find these prospects quickly, but email allows you to create and keep a long-standing relationship with them.  The reason for this is social media is a deeply personal platform that delivers deep insights into customers’ behaviors and preferences. Here are customer retention strategies that will integrate social media and email marketing to help save your time and let you reach your audience where they are and retain existing customers:

Make Sure Your Business Is Easy to Find on Social Media

This sounds obvious, but far too many businesses are difficult to find on social media. They either restrict their activities to one or two social networks and ignore the others, or simply don’t promote their social media profiles enough for anyone to notice.

The customer service experience has changed profoundly in recent years. Email and call centers remain valuable touch points for customers. At the same time, however, increasing numbers of customers are active enough on social media that they expect you to be reachable where they are.

Serve Your Customers Where They Spend Their Time

Again, being dedicated to solving your customers’ challenges means your customer support team needs to maximize efficiency and effectiveness on social media.

Traditionally, customer service interaction has been primarily conducted through call centers, email, and companies’ websites via support forms.

Ask Customers Spread the Word for You

Once people sign up for your email to get on an update list or to receive pre-order details, your first follow-up email should include a request for them to share the information with others via social media or email. Look out for customer testimonials on social media and share them with other customers. You can do this through your Facebook page, on Twitter, and elsewhere whenever customers mention your business.

Invite People To Sign Up For Special Offers Or Pre-orders

You can do this via special landing pages that are built to collect emails. This is why it is important for your social media posts to encourage people to click through to your website. You are using social media to tell people about the special offer, but also to click through to an email signup page where you will collect their email and build a more direct relationship than some platforms allow.