Digital Brochure generation for your web store

Digital Brochure generation for your web store

May 10, 2018 admin 0Comment

Want a Digital Catalogue Creator tool for your website?


Make your products reach more channels with our PDF catalogue generator tool. This tool will help you and your channels/customers to download a customised digital brochure from your website. They can choose the categories, price range, percentage price hike/discount for reselling and download the catalogue within seconds.



  • Ease of operations in circulating the products through various sales channels. For e.g. You no more have to share each product separately over Whatsapp, you can send a complete catalogue in one go.
  • Share your products in bulk across channels.
  • Generate your custom catalogues with custom discounts/hike.


How it works:

  • Link it to your website or keep it with you


  • Select the categories, price range, and target audience

  • Get the PDF file and share it across the channels and customers