Drive more sales with Referral Discounts

Drive more sales with Referral Discounts

May 10, 2018 admin 0Comment

Do you like when you earn through referral programs? So does your customer!


More customers = High probability of Sales


Create customer referral policy from your GetMeAShop dashboard in a very convenient manner. Every single day, consumers spread word of mouth and create awareness of the brands they like. This feature increases the stickiness of customers on your website and encourages them to talk about your brand.



  • Regular promotions and consistent engagement.
  • Cost effective marketing technique to increase your customer’s database.
  • Reward your customers for getting more people, hence increase their stickiness to your website.


How to use:

  • Go to dashboard > Promotions > Referral Discounts

  • Create the policies for both referrer(who refers the other person) and referred (the person who gets referred).
  • For referrer- click on ‘Create referrer discount’

  • Enter the amount and email template(use the expressions mentioned on that page for creating effective templates)
  • Click on save. Follow the same process for creating referred discount

  • Both referrer and referred will receive a one time auto-generated coupon code(amount mentioned) on their email ID.



Note- If you wish, instead of giving promo discounts you can also choose to provide credits to your customers which they can redeem while placing an Order. Click here to know more about store credits