Why Your E-commerce Store Must Have Product Reviews?
December 7, 2017 Puneet Kapani 0Comment

It has been very obvious now a days that every customer is looking for reviews on e-commerce portals before buying things online (e-commerce). These reviews on e-commerce portals today play a very vital role in the business growth. If you are selling something online (e-commerce) you would surely have rivals & competitors, and if they have some details, stats & reviews on their store they are more likely to get an edge over you.

If you are a digital merchant ( e-commerce portal ) certainly you can’t afford to underestimate the power of consumer reviews. The stores who have been allowing consumers to review the products have seen a hike of around 42% in their digital sales as per the research stats.

We know you may be wondering that why these e-commerce reviews play such a vital role for an e-commerce portal?

The initial or we may say first and foremost factors are:

1Trust and Loyalty

Though it’s pretty obvious still we must ask you have you heard of the 2 ecommerce giants who have a hold of the market since a very long time now. Yes that’s right we are talking about amazon and ebay. There is a trust factor associated with them and you may be shocked to know that have been allowing consumer reviews since 1997. Long time right?

Certainly it is. When it comes to reviews part people generally tend to trust the people they don’t know, the logic behind this fact is that they believe the people who are writing the review aren’t selling anything and they are just being truthful. The unsaid truth about online shopping is that you never know what’s going to land up at your doorstep. Also this will increase customer to trust on your brand which will in turn have a positive impact on the reputation of the e-commerce platform / e-commerce store.

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Digital Content

We guess you know that any search engine hates to read duplicate content and if you are a website with fresh and unique content we must tell you that the search engine would surely love you back.

Long Tail Keywords

It is better to use a long phrased keyword which has a huge search volume which helps your e commerce store to outgrow the others in terms of driving relevant traffic from the search engines.

3. Growth

As we mentioned above too that the product reviews are beneficial for your brand growth. It helps to your store to gain a trust factor and obviously at the end of the day they help in conversion. Nyegative reviews aimed at your company or the product can help ypu solve the problems too which you maybe unaware of. The welcoming attitude for the negative reviews will also reflect positivity on your brand image.

“By now you may have a plenty of reasons for why you should be open for product reviews on your e-commerce portal.”