Looking for the best e-commerce platform for SMB (2018)? Read on to choose the best

Looking for the best e-commerce platform for SMB (2018)? Read on to choose the best

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Small or medium business owners quest to choose the best platform for e-commerce seems like the biggest task, right? We realize your efforts! Considering the same question, this article has been written to help you invest your precious hours to select the best DIY platform for e-commerce available in the market, especially for the small and medium business owners.

We have a number of e-commerce platforms out there to choose from, but what matters is, to go for that appropriate e-commerce platform that includes all the relevant features. Since e-commerce startup owners are likely to make mistakes, for this, a thorough comparison of the features provided by e-commerce platforms is required, and for that, you need to read this article. Thus, in order to help you make the best decision, we have come up with a fair comparison between the available platform for e-commerce, reflecting differences in terms of their features. The given analysis is a summarization of the comparison between e-commerce platforms to help you pick the best e-commerce solution platform!

Comparison of e-commerce platforms

Comparative analysis to choose the best e-commerce platform

Here’s an analysis-

Competitive analysis of basic plans of GMAS Vs Zepo Vs Shopify Vs Kartrocket Vs BuildaBazaar

Comparison Understanding:

  • Even though the starting costs of Shopify & Buildabazaar is low but in long-term, 2% commision on sales would really be costly; ultimately won’t be a beneficial deal.
  • They do not have one of the most important features such as marketing tools, inventory management, automated shipping, CRM, and tech support, that definitely restricts your online business to grow. Moreover, getting these features through Shopify third-party apps is expensive, problematic, and time-consuming.
  • Zepo Website is more like a beginner level e-commerce solution having limited Add-Ons, marketing tools, inventory management, and shipping features.
  • Kartrocket provides only 5 themes, 5000 products and limited features in Marketing, CRM & Inventory management that pushes you to only select their premium plans for your business to grow.
  • Keeping all these factors, GetMeAShop has completely gathered up its features to let businesses to secure a strong online-presence in convenient and cost-effective manner. GetMeAShop has tried its best to incorporate all critical features in its basic plan to make sure you create and manage your business on the best platform for e-commerce, from scratch like a Pro!

In respect to the above-shown analysis. For new businesses, GMAS covers the following features in its basic plan:

  • Beautiful themes,
  • Automated Logistics,
  • Coupon code promotions,
  • PIN/ZIP code availability check,
  • SMS & Email Notifications, and
  • Many more!

Therefore, GMAS is a SAAS platform (Software as a Service) wherein It helps merchants to start their business online and scale to reach a larger audience, using application and website over the internet. It effectively fills in the space for complex aspects of software management, making itself an apt e-commerce platform. It provides the user with an access to his/her website and application, without worrying about the security, performance or any such complexities.

Ecommerce platform features

Choose the best e-commerce platform “GetMeAShop”

Moreover, GMAS provides robust e-commerce features. These features include CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Facebook Store, Marketing Tools etc. You can incorporate all social media platforms and blog to your online store using the marketing automation tools such as auto scheduling tweets, posts and send bulk SMS & email to reach your target audience. Furthermore, you can easily create and manage content to establish your brand on social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter; making the best use of the technology while scaling up your business online.

To conclude with…

GMAS is an e-commerce platform, especially for the small and medium business to create, run, and grow their businesses just like a piece of cake! Now, do not worry about installation and maintenance, all you have to do is to get in touch with https://www.getmeashop.com/ and choose the features most relevant to your business. Leave the rest to GetMeAShop!