Elements every E- Commerce website homepage must have

April 15, 2016 Admin 0Comment

The virtual front door to your store

Serving as the front door for your store, homepage of your e-commerce website is responsible for drawing consumer’s attention and a majority of your website’s traffic. And despite its prominence, many businesses struggle to optimize it properly.

You cannot run a profitable E Commerce without strategizing the business goals to sales and delivery and ways to engage traffic. The first step is to create an engaging website that would put your store on the front line of publicity and for which the homepage of your design and layout plays a crucial role, it is the first impression that a brand gets to make.

With GetMeAShop providing you with 100’s of templates to choose from, here are few essentials that your homepage must have and which makes it irresistible for your customer.


The brand’s image- Logo

The Logo of your brand is the face of the product and the company. A successful brand imparts confidence and logo is the representative of that. So, a logo on the eCommerce website home page will generate the same confidence and induce the buyers to buy.

Deals and freebies and cost-free services that attracts buyers

Being an intelligent merchant you must understand the consumer’s state of mind. Add lucrative offers with products to boost sales. Highlight the latest deals and products on the e-commerce website home page to get the maximum attention and that will result in sales.

Most popular products

The products that are seen multiple times by consumers should be shown in a category of most popular products in the homepage enabling new visitors to find the ideal and popular products.

Keep Brands Upfront

If you have recognized merchandise goods on sale, then show them upfront. It is a huge gimmick, especially with the first-time guests, who don’t know what exactly they are looking for or are not familiar with you brand as such.

Shopping Cart, Login and Search Box

The shopping cart, login box and search box features are usually placed together on the eCommerce website home page. If you contract with a large online store that has a broad variety of goods, then the search box is a must-have.