Email Marketing Simplified

Email Marketing Simplified

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What is email marketing?

Email marketing is regarded as the promotion of products or services through the medium of electronic mail. The main objective of email marketing is to reach potential customers. It lets businesses keep their customers informed by sending promotional messages. It is one of the most powerful mediums to convey your word and reach the target group. Hence, it’s worth to take out some time to strategies the email marketing campaign.

How to execute a successful email marketing campaign?

Here are some useful tips to execute a successful email marketing campaign.


Know your goals

Before heading off, establish and analyze your goals to market your product through emails. Make sure, you align your goals with your wider marketing strategies of the company.

Create an email list

The second step to conduct email marketing is to create a list of people who will serve as your target audience. Fetch contacts from your personal directory and also work upon creating a new list from scratch with new contacts.

Select the type of email you want to circulate

There are numerous types of emails you can send to your audience, it all depends on the goals you have established for your campaign. The different kinds of email campaigns are based on the newsletter, marketing offers, announcement (includes info about the launch of any new product/service) and event invitation.

Structure your campaign

Now that you are clear with your goals, create content for the email. Structure your email in a way that it doesn’t require too much content. The copy has to be short, creative and expressive. Focus on call to action more!

It has to be a visual treat!

Many studies have shown that people can recall visual content for a longer period. It’s highly recommended to use visual instructions to direct your target group. Use minimal content and more graphics. It will be more memorable and help content stand out.

Monitor your campaign

With your first email out, you would be able to track the performance of the campaign. There are two tools through which you can easily track the success of the marketing campaign. First is your email marketing tool (namely Campaign Monitor) and other is Google Analytics. These tools will help you monitor your marketing campaign and frame future strategies.
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