Enduser Membership Based Pricing

Enduser Membership Based Pricing

April 25, 2018 admin 0Comment

Get the power to customize or add variable prices, discounts for each category of customers, depending upon any criteria you choose.

This add-on will allow you to show different prices to different membership holders on the website. It also helps businesses to manage B2B and B2C model with the same website. You can mention the end-user based pricing in bulk from GetMeAShop dashboard.

Note: ‘End-user Membership’ feature is mandatory for enabling this add-on.


  • Show different prices of same product to different membership holders
  • B2B and B2C model can be managed simultaneously
  • Upload End-user based pricing in bulk through excel sheet

How to use:

Phase-1  Individual product end-user pricing:

  • Click on edit option of product for which you want to set pricing
  • Click on End-user type based price

  • Tick ‘enabled’ option, mention the price and click on save

Phase-2 Bulk Upload end-user pricing


Step-1 Go to dashboard > Inventory > Bulk upload end-user pricing

  • Select the categories > Mention the email id on which you want excel > Click on Export

           (Leave the email id column blank in case you want the data on registered email id)

  • Mention the product pricing for all End-user types (For those product whose end-user based pricing will not be mentioned, discounted price will be reflected on website)

  • Save the excel file on your desktop > Upload > Click on save