Facebook Advertising for new e-commerce business

Facebook Advertising for new e-commerce business

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What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook Advertising comprises of Ads that usually appear in News Feed and right column of Facebook on desktop and News Feed on mobile. These ads are paid and written in the voice of the businesses that are willing to promote their trade online. Facebook Ads help reaches the target audience on the basis of desired geographical and gender priorities in which you can choose gender, age group, cities and countries you want to cater. According to the researches, a usual return on investment (ROI) from Facebook Ads in e-commerce is said to be 152%. Hence, social media network holds one of the largest shares worldwide and Facebook is the biggest medium of all to promote and boost sales of the products.

Benefits of Facebook advertising to grow an online business
If you feel that Facebook ads don’t achieve good ROI, check out the following benefits of Facebook advertising:

Exposure on Global Scale

With over two billion followers, businesses can get a massive exposure with Facebook and its advertising. Apart from paid ads, Facebook also provides multiple platforms for marketing in the form of pages, groups, and ads.

Low Marketing Expenses


Marketing campaigns that are carried through radio, television ads, billboards, usually incur a huge penny. But with Facebook advertising, small and medium businesses with the restricted budget can get it done very cheap. By spending just $5, your business can reach around 1000 people.

Ability to select audience

Facebook ads give a facility which lets you target potential customers based on their demographics and interests. For example, if you wish to promote women clothing, you can target females, aged 20 to 45, with interest in “shopping” and “fashion”. You can also choose cities to show your ads.

Increase website traffic

By putting links in the sponsored posts, the Facebook audience can be directed to your website. These users are likely to be more interested because they willingly click on the link.

Get Facebook Insights and Competitor Information

Once you have created a Facebook ad, you can get a lot of useful information from Facebook Insights. Right from the number of page likes, impressions, total reach of your post to people engaged with the post.

How to do Facebook advertising

Satisfied with the benefits? Thinking to do Facebook ads? Here’s the guide
• First up, a business needs to have a business page on Facebook for good brand visibility. So, create one.
• If not, Facebook ads can also be done without having a business page with the help of Ads Manager.
• Choose your campaign objective based on the brand awareness, reach, website traffic, engagement, lead generations and messages.
• Target your audience by aiming at locations, gender, online behaviours and interest of the users.
• Next, you need to choose how much money you want to spend on a Facebook ad. You can decide on a budget, then set the start and end dates.
• You can choose an ad format from the carousel, single image, single video, etc. and add required content. Make sure you adapt to the Facebook ad image sizes stated above for each format.
If you have a business page, you can also create ads by boosting posts, video links etc. The page also gives you an option to create a Facebook shop and integrate your store with the website.
But before getting into the Facebook promotion, it is suggested that you create a website for your business and then promote your brand on the social media network. It will widen your reach and people who are not on social media would also be able to shop from your online store. Plan to launch a website with an e-commerce portal that helps you establish an SEO friendly website and give you an option to integrate it with social media channels. Get your website done with GetMeAShop, it’s a one-stop business solution for all the start-ups.

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