How Google AdWords Work?
November 28, 2017 Puneet Kapani 0Comment

Looking for some basic description on how does Google Adwords work?

First of all, know what is Google Adwords?

It is Google’s in-house digital advertising service which basically allows you to pay and get your website into search results of the search engine. This is much more interesting because you don’t have to wait for the website to rank up organically, but it will itself display your results up the order without any delay. Best of all it isn’t that expensive or complex that you would need some expert to work on that.

However, there is also the option to use AdWords as a means of generating sales for your ecommerce business.

Paid or Sponsored Search

Advertising within the listing of the search engine, can be called paid search or sponsored Search. Whenever you put up a search keyword they usually appear on the top if it is on a mobile device, and if it is viewed on Laptop or Pc they generally appear on the right hand side as a whole new section of sponsored websites. Google also places a small tag named as Ad highlighted in yellow color which gives more authentic and organic look.

Elementary principles of Adwords

What you do is pick out some keywords which you think are suitable for your website and if searching for something like you do a visitor would search them. It’s like guessing what the user would think at the time if searching that thing.

What? We kinda heard you! Yes that’s right, we won’t be the only one who would be able to serve the Google Adwords, there would be others too who would be using it for the same industry. So rather than the first come first serve basis it would all depend upon what keywords you put up. If you come up with the same term as your rival, then you obviously have to bid against your competitor.

The bid comes into picture when you want that on the particular search term you entered the then you have to bid on the search term with your competitor where you have to pay Google per click on the search term and that amount has to be bid on. All this can be done through the Google Adwords Website or Google Adwords Mobile App.

Basically the PPC is directly proportional to your website appearing in the search results. The more amounts spent in PPC the better your search visibility gets. Obviously Google has always been a game changer and here too them game is not just money dominant but however contains another factor called the quality score.

Quality Score

Quality score is basically the score given for relevance of your ad in comparison to what you type in the Ads type-out section. Here let’s take an example let’s say that you’ve put up an ad saying Buy Sony DSLR here, so if your ad link in landing on to page which is a generic home page this won’t be acceptable and would always be put on lower priority by Google. Higher quality score would stand above the maximum bid too.

This was a deep insight of the Google Adwords where you now know what is it all about and how it really works. Hope this works out well for you. Do spread your love and share this post through the buttons below in your circles if you found the content to be authentic and worth sharing. Cheers!