How To Build A Brand Online!

How To Build A Brand Online!

January 10, 2019 Admin 0Comment

Who doesn’t want to see her/his business grow and become a big brand. In fact, everybody tries but only a few succeed. There are certain factors that should be kept in mind if you want to build a brand for your business.

Following are a few steps that will help you to build a brand successfully.

  • Investment: The first crucial thing is investment, both in terms of time and money. You should not overspend and proceed cautiously. What matters most is your business model, invest small and see if it works, if it does then go ahead with your spending.
  • Find your marketplace: The next step is to find your marketplace and target audience. Devote some time and see what all benefits are being looked upon by the customers and get a snapshot of your business in a competitive context. It will give you the insights for future marketing activity.
  • Google Analytics: It gives you the data related customers’ visits, how products were viewed according to locations, products and other filter options.
  • Social media marketing: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., have become the favourite and effective mediums of publicity, getting leads and insights about different products. Through the social media, you can know the reviews that products get depending on the likes, comments, tweets, number of shares, etc. Also, they offer you a platform to interact with your customers and understand their needs, patterns and demands. (Read here : 5 ways to promote your brand on social media)
  • Marketing research: Now comes the marketing research part, its value can’t be underestimated. Developing a clear knowledge of your target customers and fulfilling their requirements is actually extremely important. Surveys have played a vital role in helping us make this happen. Marketing research is of two types:
  1. Desk research: It is done by using the existing data which is available from current/existing resources such as published research information while sitting on a desk. It is a pretty useful and economical way to research and can be opted for in the beginning of a market research to get a quick overview, which later can be used as a yardstick in the extensive research process. Mediums, such as national market reports and trade press, can be used for this kind of research.
  2. Direct customer research: This type of marketing research involves interacting directly with the existing and potential customers. Gather feedback using questionnaires which may include typical questions such as how did customers come to know about your business, which products did they like, how did they rate your service and what are their suggestions for improvements in the existing and new products.
  • Customer service: To make your business prosper, you must make sure that your customers get the best customer support services. It is not that simple and you have to employ a team which has composure and can hear out the grievances of the customers. Do not give impossible timelines or assurances. This way you might give your target audience reasons to be unsatisfied or unhappy with you and your services. Customers should be made to feel important and heard. Timely response and appropriate query resolution makes them feel valued. You could also enhance your customers’ experiences by giving them discounts for future purchases or free thoughtful gifts or coupons. This will have a positive and lasting impression on your customers.

If you have these basic things in place, your brand will go places! Click here to access some great marketing tools to help build a brand for your business.