How to Convert Visitors into Buyers and Ultimately Permanent Customers

How to Convert Visitors into Buyers and Ultimately Permanent Customers

May 31, 2014 Admin 0Comment

Your own website is ready. Your marketing strategy is perfect. You have gained a lot of visitors through your advertisements, pay per click search, social media marketing, etc. But gaining traffic is useless if the visitors are not giving attention and not buying anything. Top search engines may increase your web traffic but they do not guarantee sales. The most important element for revenue growth in your online store is conversion.

Image source: 5 steps to keeping your customers by James Digby

Conversion is converting your visitors into customers and customers to permanent customers. It is a cost-effective way to improve your revenues and reduce your acquisition cost per customer. Here are a few ways by which you can convert visitors into customers and retain them:

  1. You can do online surveys to generate more leads by asking innovative questions that exploits the visitor’s creativity. After that, a proper analysis of the survey results can be done to get key statistics such as cost per lead or revenue per customer.
  2. You can conduct a market research for understanding your target audience. Try to find answers to the benefits and emotions the customers will receive after purchasing the product. Then determine how the visitors will use your website.
  3. This is important: your sales pitch, site offering and order button of your website should be highlighted properly and should be mentioned above the scroll. Your home page must have access to your main products or top-selling items. And, most importantly, your site must be fast loading, with a fast site search engine.
  4. For an online store, building trust among your customers is very important. People generally purchase from websites where they are sure that their information will be safe and best-quality services will be provided. Placing a privacy policy on the website will make your users feel comfortable while submitting their information.
  5. For converting new customers to permanent customers include some special offers. Give some privileges/benefits to the customers when they buy for the second time. Try to include gift coupons, combo offers and a sale for a short time period to attract new customers.
  6. Finally, keep key performance indicators with yourself. Keep yourself informed about your orders, source of the orders, conversion rate, visiting rate and all the other data that is needed to convert your visitors into buyers.