How to create more user generated content for your brand

How to create more user generated content for your brand

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What is user-generated content?



User-generated content has nowadays become a very used term, it refers to any sort of content in the form of videos, blogs, reviews, posts, pictures created or drafted by the end-users on an online platform. In short, UGC is a way by which consumers share their opinion about a brand, product or service which also helps the brand to get promotion indirectly.

How user-generated content helps the brand?

The benefits of user-generated content (UGC) are endless. It saves time, money, increases consumer engagement and brand loyalty. It extends the reach of your business, making the audience more likely to develop conviction and buy your products.

As per various studies, 86% of the young internet crowd say that UGC is a good pointer to the check quality of a brand. The 68% of social media users between the ages of 18 and 24 take UGC into consideration when they make an online purchase. Therefore, we can clearly say that User Generated Content is extremely a powerful medium.

In the recent past, the brands have been focusing on UGC campaign as it has been an advancing factor in the e-marketing world. Such campaigns are successful because buyers don’t trust marketers, they rather believe authentic reviews given by the end-users. This is the biggest reason why influencers and bloggers are sent the products for reviews.

Steps to create more user-generated content:

Evaluate what your consumers are sharing about your brand on Social Media



Conduct a research and find consumers who actually post about your brand. Repost the pictures or comments that they have shared on their social handles.

Run contests



Many renowned brands run contests on social media and get a good response. Contests and challenges like tag a photo and tag friends help to spread the initiative more quickly. It also strengthens the bond between the brand and the end-user in a fun way.

Create a quirky hashtag



Nothing gets viral as rapidly on social media as a catchy hashtag, so make sure to create an innovative one for your upcoming UGC campaign.

Turn customers’ loyalty into stories
Your responsibility doesn’t stop once the consumers have bought the product. Your offerings may play a very significant role in their lives. It will an exciting task to explore the importance of your product in their lives within the context to create a real story.

Use videos

Apart from social media channels, also keep a track on YouTube and find if any Youtuber has shared a review on your product. If you find one, take permission from the maker and share it on Facebook and Instagram.

Collaboration with bloggers/influencers



The most popular type of marketing right now is the collaboration with the bloggers and influencers. Try to tie-up with some renowned bloggers and ask them to review the product in form of their Insta stories, pictures, blogs or videos. Reshare this on your page!

To get the benefit of UGC, you first need to have an online presence of your products. For that, you will surely need to look for a domain and hosting. Creating a website all by yourself is not an easy job, the process takes a lot of time in carrying out research and building web pages. But worry not, all this has become so easy today with e-portals that ensure you don’t fuss about the whole online game. Try GetMeAShop (GMAS), it is a blessing for start-ups and businesses that are seeking to enter into the online business.

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