How to Launch a Viral Marketing Campaign

How to Launch a Viral Marketing Campaign

February 3, 2019 admin 0Comment

What is viral marketing?


Viral marketing is a type of brand strategy that uses social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote a product or service. A viral marketing campaign is one which is circulated on social handles by the brand itself to spread information about a product in a creative way among consumers. Later, the audience shares the post with other people on their social networks, further it gets spread the same way.

Is viral marketing effective?

Viral marketing is an amazing tactic to instantly generate curiosity and traffic. If the campaign turns out to be successful then it actually creates a great demand for the product. This type of marketing is usually done when a company launches any new product in the market. Though, it can be done for an existing product also. It forms upon itself by word of mouth and is the quickest way to market a brand. Sometimes, the strategy is made viral through supporting strategies such as running an influencer campaign. In this, company ties up with popular bloggers to spread the content via their social networks.

Steps to create a viral marketing campaign 


If you are planning to launch a campaign, the goal should be to go viral. For that, you need to create such a strategy which can attract the interest of the users and make them to share the content. Here are a few steps which you should follow while creating a successful marketing campaign.

To create any sort of campaign, you first need to do planning. You must plan and draft what exactly you want. From content, designs, duration, budget of the campaign, to the idea of the campaign, everything from a scratch!

Understand the target audience
In order to make a marketing campaign effective, you need to decide on your target group. Understanding the audience and demographics will provide you with all the required information you will need to put together a campaign.

Find emotional connect
If you want your content to get viral online then tap into the emotions of your audience. Create something to which a user can easily relate. This will automatically make them share the post and take it to another level.

A campaign should be a visual treat
One thing that the audience instantly react to on social media is the picture or visual. You need to keep the visual component strong along with the quirky content. The graphic should be compelling and informative to grab the attention of the users. Using less text is the key to the attractive visual!



Now that your plan is ready, launch the campaign and promote it on networks which you feel has the right target audience.
Make full use of the above information to kick start with your campaign. While, there is no guarantee on how your idea will work. But, make sure you are using a robust e-portal for your e-store. If you still don’t own a website then understand that we are living a digital age and your product need to have a digital visibility. GeMeAShop is a trustworthy portal to create your e-store!