How to pick a perfect theme for your online store

How to pick a perfect theme for your online store

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What is a website theme?
A theme commands the look and style of a website. It consists of things like font types and sizes, colour scheme and other style elements that affect the look and feel of a site. Briefly, a theme of the website reflects the identity of your brand and helps to develop the customer experience.

5 things to keep in mind when choosing a website themeshutterstock_243532630

Choosing a website theme can be a prolonged task to do as there are thousands of free and paid options available to select from. Here are a few tips which you should consider while selecting or purchasing a website theme.

Keep it simple
Earlier, the websites used to be too loud with flash animations and fancy features. Nowadays, simple and clean designs with fewer elements are liked more. Websites that are flooded with too many components are tough to navigate hence, take the user away in a fraction of seconds. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a minimal theme which is clean, easy to navigate, features a simple yet classy design and provides the exact information which the user is looking for.

Mobile friendly

Today, every website theme claims to have responsive features but that doesn’t mean they are assured to give a great mobile experience. Look for themes which are very adaptive and able to build a good user experience. There are many themes that provide demos to test before you make a purchase. So, make sure to put them through the trials on mobile devices.

Developer support
This is something that not many people think of when selecting a theme. It’s not possible that you will not have to make any updates after uploading the theme as digital platforms require frequent changes. No matter what theme you use, you need to expect that there will be certain advancements required to make it function better. Buy a theme that constantly makes changes, this indicates that the developer is continually making updates to make the theme better. So before purchasing, go through the update log and list of all changes made each time.

Cross-browser compatibility

With so many devices, browsers and operating systems available, testing a theme on each device and browser will ensure that it will provide the same user experience to everyone. There so many options of free tools available online, including many paid themes that give a free trial to test the functionality of the theme.

Choose according to the brand
Go for a theme that is apt for your type of business. The theme should always blend with your products and offerings as it reflects the brand. If you cannot find a theme of your choice then either get it designed or buy one which you can alter and customize to match the brand voice. For instance, if you own a clothing business, you need to look for a theme that is stylish, simple and has a good placement of merchandises so that your customers can have a better look at the products.
GetMeAShop has over 100 themes for businesses like food & drinks, home & décor, electronics, furniture, and fashion. The e-commerce portal also gives a free trial of 14 days that will allow you to check compatibility of themes on different browsers, OS, and devices.

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