How to perfectly place product pictures on your website

How to perfectly place product pictures on your website

August 2, 2018 Admin 0Comment

Importance of visuals in selling products

We live in a visual world and attractive photographs play a very vital role in any online business. The quality of the product pictures is a key driver of product engagement, conversion, and retention. When buyers land on your business page, the first thing which gravitates their attention is the image and, if they like what they see, they will continue to browse and end up making a purchase. Having the the right visual elements is one of the most essential elements in building a successful eCommerce website. That is why placing good product images on your website is very important in selling products online and achieving success.

Buyer’s psychology

In the battle of e-commerce business, your website has less than three seconds to capture your customer’s attention. The average internet users barely spend any time on websites that have bad, dark and distorted images. In a successful online business, the photographs do all the work hence, the most important element of the store is the visual of the product you are selling. Customers usually scroll the pictures 360 degrees to have a keen look at the product. So, your photos should be convincing enough to make the buyers stop, take a look and make a purchase.

Tips to enhance product pictures of your e-store

Although product descriptions are useful in online business, most of the clients don’t take any purchase decision until they are satisfied with the photos. Indeed, many do not even read the description if there is no photo of the product. Here are some photo guidelines that can be helpful for your e-store.

Keep the background white

Maintain symmetry when you arrange a photo shoot for your products in terms of the background. Use white backdrop as it gives a real and clear view of a product and will also drive good sales.shutterstock_116016514__1533209341_45.124.108.65

Click in natural light

Taking pictures of the product in natural light generally doesn’t require any editing.


Don’t edit over the top

There are some amazing tools available like Photoshop to edit and enhance pictures. Considering the fact that editing is required in some pictures, don’t over edit the pictures that they start looking fake and unreal.


Don’t lower the resolution

As compressing the product images will lead to blurry images. Avoid lowering the resolution too much. In this case, take help of any professional.

Don’t use heavy images

As heavy pictures take a lot of time to load and open. Use lighter pictures so that they open more quickly.

Click from all angles

Nowadays, a customer doesn’t get convince with just one photograph. They try to catch every possible glimpse of the product. Hence, taking pictures from all angles, including zoom in and zoom out will be beneficial for a user to make a final decision.shutterstock_526365010

Shoot with live models

In businesses like apparel, jewelry, and shoes, there should a live model displaying these products by wearing them. This concept influences the buying behavior of the customer.

Images enrich the content of your website and certainly speak to your target audience. All the above tips will be helpful to keep your online store running. If you are someone who is still skeptical about investing in an e-business then take a free trial to test your business knowledge. Opt for a portal that follows good practices for uploading good visuals, GetMeAShop will completely ensure your e-commerce site appears good to the buyers.