How well do you know your product?

How well do you know your product?

July 15, 2016 Admin 0Comment

The Importance of Product Knowledge

There’s always a lot of talk when you keep branding your products and it all fails as you or your representatives don’t have detailed information about your product, which ultimately leads to confusing the customers. Every market has its players; each brand has at least one competitor. As a result customers gets a lot of options to get their needs met elsewhere.

This is why product knowledge is so important within any company. Demonstrating strong product knowledge is important for creating a positive customer experience to instill faith trust within the buyer.

With the development of the brand, your company must be able to answer the basics about the product to convey where it fits in with the society. Consider these:

  • What is the purpose of your product/good or service for the customer?
  • How can it be described? (Size, , color, function, shape,benefits)
  • How is it delivered to the customers?
  • How much does it cost and the conditions for its use?

If you have a sales and customer service representatives then they must keep it simple and customer centric.


A tailored customer experience

A great customer experience is made by providing a product which is genuine, unique and contains a human touch. Try to pay close attention to the customers need more than gaining sales.

This is an area where product knowledge is very important, as it means understanding your product so thoroughly that your representative are able to make it work for any customer. A wider knowledge is the best way of ensuring your staff to be able to help that customers and offer a unique, personalised service that impresses the customer.

Recommend the best option to the customers based on what they need so that the customer feels assured and positive about the product they have bought.

Benefits over features

Listing out the product features to the customers makes them feel overwhelmed and helps them making the buying decision easier. You must always be able to explain the need and importance of the product to the customer. This is where your customer representative plays an important role with their knowledge and perceptive about the product.

Looking from the outside in

The vital thing that gives you an insight about what the customers really think is by asking them for a feedback and enables employees to expand their knowledge spectrum. Get the most honest surveys and feedbacks as this will help you make it better. This can only be done by knowing both the good and bad aspects of your products that you will be able to overcome problems and grow your company knowledge.

The growth of any new product or business is a journey that the team should embark on together. Above all, remember that every setback is just another opportunity to learn.