Inspirational Quotes That Every Startup Entrepreneur Should Read
September 16, 2016 Admin 0Comment

Talking to entrepreneurs could be a lot of fun because they always have so many stories to share about their journey. Every journey is different and has its own trial and tribulations. If you are starting your e-commerce journey then you shouldn’t be missing these words of wisdom.

Below are some quotes from the startup world that can truly motivate you to endeavor for something bigger in your life.

“I am a risk taker. I wake up every day to solve a brand new challenge. And this keeps me going”. – Pushkal Shrivastava, Founder, GetMeAShop

“The more the chefs are, the more lavish the buffet will be. The chemistry we shared and the complementary skills we all had is what kept us going”. GetMeAShop Core team

“Idea-product-team and execution is all you need for your business success”. Reepika Soien, Account Manager GetMeAShop

“Your word reflects your company’s culture, make customer happiness the responsibility of your business”. – Tushar Singh, Manager, inside sales, GetMeAShop

“As an e-commerce entrepreneur, rely on your creativity and pay attention to the smallest details when maintaining a competent image for your business”. Vatsal Juneja, Manager, GetMeAShop

“The best marketing you can do is a solid web design”. Vineet Gahlot, Web designer, GetMeAShop