Let customers be sure of the purchase with customized image editor
May 18, 2018 rohit dhingra 0Comment

Selling customized products on your webstore, then this is a must have.


Give your customers an amazing experience while purchasing customized products from your website. Allow customers to customize the image for the product by themselves on your website. They can-

  • Set the background color
  • Crop and upload multiple images
  • Insert and edit text
  • Set the image portion as per the requirement


You will receive two images on dashboard with the order details-

  1. The actual image 2. The image of customized product set by customer.



  • Provide awesome shopping experience and power of customization to your customers
  • Create a Unique Selling Point by providing such a personalized shopping experience
  • Increase the customer satisfaction level by providing exactly what they desire and do business with ease.


How It Works

  • Click on “customize image” on the product page

  • Choose the background color

  • Add the image(s) and crop the part you would like to have on product
  • Adjust them as per the suitability
  • Insert the text (if you want)

  • Click on save > follow the general criteria of ordering the product