Provide Multiple Payment Options & Grow Your Business with GetMeAShop

Provide Multiple Payment Options & Grow Your Business with GetMeAShop

June 14, 2017 admin 0Comment

Did you know that 50% of regular shoppers would cancel their purchases if their preferred payment method is not available?  Many online businesses today lacks alternative payment methods. Since your check out process can make or break the customer’s user experience, it is important to integrate the best and most used and preferred payment options to your eCommerce store.

As we grow and the word gets out about GetMeAShop’s refreshingly customizable eCommerce platform, we see a steady stream of requests for even more payment options around the world and especially for more payment options for our subscription features. We know that if we could expand the payment support to more payment gateways around the world for the varied online retailers, we’d see all kinds of great growth opportunities for GetMeAShop, so we did it.

The process of making payment is easier when you buy from a retail shop: you buy, give cash or card then and there itself but what about online stores.  GetMeAShop ensures that the entire experience is seamless across payment methods. Every e-commerce possessor should tackle the key elements of running an online store. One of the important component among them is implementing the payment gateway for getting the payments reach you whenever a transaction is being made at your eCommerce store.

GetMeAShop provides different ways to accept payments, starting from PayPal to debit cards. This article will shed the light on how it all works and what to do actually to receive payments.

We have added the option in your dashboard to let you select the different modes of payment. It can be done following some simple steps from your store dashboard.


Login with your GetMeAShop credentials or click signup to get access your store’s dashboard. (if you are new user read this>The Ultimate Guide to Create your Online Store – GetMeAShop, if  you are already a user, CHEERS!)

In the left menu of your dashboard click ‘payment gateways’.
All payment gateways available can be viewed on the screen. You can integrate cash on delivery, bank transfer and online payment gateways like Mobikwik, PayUPaisa, Paypal, PayTm Razorpay, HDFC, PayUbiz, COD and others.
image (1)
Step 3:
Click ‘edit’ and enter the payment details to activate the payment gateway in real time enabling the shoppers to use the added method instantly during checkout from your eCommerce store.

image (2)

How do customers buy

Splitting the buying process into several steps:

a) customer browse through the products, adds them to cart and then proceeds to the checkout page.
b) adds the address where it needs to be delivered
c) select a payment method and make payments.
d) The customer has made the order

We know that you as an eCommerce retailer work hard to win new customers, so we make sure that you make the most of this by offering your customers a way to securely save their card details for easy and convenient  repurchases. Make it easier for your customers to pay and increase the sales for your business and have complete control over the entire checkout process.