Must-Write Topics For Every E-commerce Business Blog

Must-Write Topics For Every E-commerce Business Blog

September 22, 2016 Admin 0Comment

If you are writing blogs for your E-commerce business to gain the audience and to build a following and community, you should not always be writing about your products specifically. Instead, your business blog should be informative.

Think about the problem that your product solves. Your blog topics need to show immediate value to your audience to effectively reach them.

Ask yourself-

–    What did you teach them about the product?
–    What did they learn or take away from the blog post?
–    What was the unique insight you provided to them?

As an expert in the industry of the product your deal with, the knowledge you have should be spread in the market in a way which is extremely valuable to your target market.

It can really be challenging to come up with fresh content continually, but yes there are infinite number of topics you can write about on your business blog.

How-To Posts

People want to know how to do or use stuff. So show them. If apparels are what your business is into, then create videos showing 20 ways to wear a scarf and put this in a blog post. You may assume that people know what to do with your product, but you can motivate them to find new ways to use them through your blog content.

Product Spotlights

Show behind-the-scenes photos of you setting up your products, pictures, product photo shoot or a testimonial from customers. Give something to people so they’ll be more likely to buy the product. You can also add a discount code at the end of your blog post to boost the sales.

Company News

Update users on what’s happening at your company. Make people feel like they are having a sneak peek behind the scene with your brand, so provide them with the latest news feed about what’s in the work and what the latest news is.


Instead of writing paragraphed blogs, write like ‘5 ways to recycle your old jeans’ or “10 Gift Ideas for Mom’s birthday,” with some of your products on the list.

Industry Trends and News

Talk about what’s happening in your industry. If you deal in clothing, make sure to write irresistible content so that fashionistas find your blog and then starts shopping from your site.

Beyond Great Blog Ideas: Writing Fabulous Content

Coming up with a fresh idea is just one part of blog success. The other lies when your blog gets as many social shares as possible so your write up spreads more. Make sure that you’ve got a social share plugin allowing people to share your blog content with a click to their social profiles.

You can also invite guest bloggers to contribute content to your blog. Likewise, you can also do guest blogging for other that cater to your audience. Trust me, people don’t like it when they visit a website and it hasn’t been updated in months.