Why Do You Need To Launch An Ad Campaign?
August 17, 2017 Puneet Kapani 0Comment

Advertising campaign may be defined as the systematic and organized release of a series of ads with the same theme but not necessarily same advertising content over one or more than one advertising media for a certain period of time to influence the prospects to either buy a certain product or service or to feel well disposed towards a brand or an organization. They help in selling the advertiser’s products or services.

An agency can also handle overall marketing ad branding strategies and sell promotions for its clients. Hence, it is very important to know the need for carrying out an ad campaign either on social media or for your website.

Behavioral changes don’t happen overnight

To bring about a change in human behavior, advertisers resort to a counter strategy of making the targeted human behavior as a far more desirable activity than the one a person may have.

In order that this may find favor with the prospect, the advertiser has to repeatedly stimulate and refresh the individual’s memory about the desirableness of the targeted activity.

New products take time to be accepted

Communication experts opine that there are five stages in the adoption of any new idea or product or service. These are:

  1. Awareness
  2. Interest
  3. Desire
  4. Action, And we could add one more to this
  5. Resistance- new encounter with an idea begins with refusal.

But repeated exposures of an advertisement in multimedia make them comfortable and then aware them about the new idea that they start showing interest in the ad message. This interest kindles a desire in him/her to act to see the product or service being talked of in the advertisement. Obviously, the process of adoption of a new idea or a product is a long-drawn one, which is sustained by repeated deliveries of the ad message.

Product innovations or improvisations needs to be reported to the consumers

As companies keep upgrading their products and at times launching existing products in an altogether new format/design, the company needs to send this message to the prospects.

Sharing of information is essential for eliciting the desired response from the prospects. Repeated delivery of the ad message through an ad campaign is essential to not only get noticed by the prospects but also to convince the prospects about the changes/improvisations and product innovations introduced by the company.

To outsmart competition

In modern time, when the economy has been liberalized and each business house strives to get a lion’s share of the market, advertising has become an important tool for product promotion.

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To get noticed in this mayhem of advertising noises, it is essential for a business enterprise wishing to get noticed to raise its pitch above the others through a sustained ad campaign.