Online Inventory Cost Calculator

Online Inventory Cost Calculator

May 24, 2018 admin 0Comment

What if we say- you don’t need to change the price of each product on change of their component’s price. YES, YOU GOT IT RIGHT.


GetMeAShop brings you a tool for managing the price of all variable components of your product. This tool is highly recommended to businesses where price fluctuation happens very frequently like- Jewellery, stones, woods etc. You just need to update the price of variable components and the price of thousands of your products will get changed on website accordingly.


For e.g. A merchant is dealing in gold jewellery, he has set the gold price as 10000/gram, now the gold price has changed to 13500/gram, then with a single entry, change the gold price on the dashboard, prices of all the products on the website will get changed accordingly.



  • Helps in maintaining the price of items with variable components
  • Reduces the effort and time taken in calculation and measurement.
  • An accounting of a physical inventory that uses the calculator method will be less prone to error than one can perform in any other method even if the prices are varying.


How to use:

  • While adding the products, mention the attribute values in numeric form. For e.g.- weight(gms)- 10, Making charges(units)- 3 etc.

  • Now go to the attribute-wise pricing page, select the variable attributes and set their prices. Click on save.

  • That’s it, your work is done. Now, change the attribute prices whenever required.