How Online Reviews Affect Local SEO?
July 11, 2017 Puneet Kapani 0Comment

Gathering reviews is the worthwhile investment of time. A good business depends totally on the response of its client. It’s about any customer who can write anything for or against your business and the whole world can read it.  A negative feedback can cause a failure to your business and make it crippled.

Read these stats to know how people get influenced for their purchase with reviews.

  • 90% of consumers read reviews before visiting a business
  • Reviews can boost your results by using fresh user-generated content
  • 72% of consumers will take action only after reading a positive review

So, now it is very important to maintain a good review in the eyes of your clients, followers or the ultimate customers as they decide your standing in the online market. It impacts your Search Engine Optimization, formatting your website’s back end to attain higher rankings in search results and finally, your business success online. To know if the reviews actually affect the local SEO, scroll down:


1. Google now also searches highly rated sites


Google upgraded with its map search layout to show ratings and reviews, giving users immediate feedback to help them make a quick decision. Google favors those sites or pages having the highest reviews and ratings takes into consideration. It’s your social proof and authority that reviews can boost, which means that it’s not just about adding reviews to your site. Your focus should be on improving them.

2. Gets content directly from users

Content is never enough and reviews make a great form of user-generated-content, coming directly from users, which is more influential for future customers. It’s a great form of relevant content and these reviews should always be motivated and fostered.

3. Boosts social conversation


A series of impressive reviews helps your product become favored and popular, increasing both the social reach as well as the sales. Also, incorporating reviews to your social strategy is a way to prove the admiration for your products.

4. Receive star ratings



Now-a-days star ratings are present in Google search results, where prospective customers can immediately judge whether they can actually trust your product enough or not to visit your site. This helps increase the traffic, and possibly the sales, but it’s not always easy to achieve it. Google relies on specific third-party review sites to determine your star rating.

Star ratings may lead to an increased conversion rate of up to 17%, which is a great incentive to research more about them, along with Google’s guidelines on how to be eligible.

5. Improve product ranking

As more people start searching for the reviews of your products, there will be more opportunities to rank higher in SERPS, increasing the chances of seeing more searches in the form of [product name] + review. This may serve as an additional opportunity to reach your potential audience in the most relevant way: right when they are searching for more details about your products.