Rev up the follower game on Instagram

Rev up the follower game on Instagram

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Instagram has quickly expanded its first impression as a fun picture sharing app to now becoming a serious content sharing, marketing, selling and audience building platform for people and businesses. Today, it’s the most popular social networking site on the planet with over one billion monthly active users. If you are looking forward to increasing your follower base, use clever strategies to make it work. Find below some effective ways to upsurge engagement and following on Instagram.

Use correct hashtags
Your main objective is to engage the audience. To do that, create engaging content and use enough hashtags. Hashtagging will make it easy for people to find you by searching for specific terms or keywords.

Use filters
Putting hashtags is not the only point you should be paying attention to. Photo editing is equally important to grab the attention of the online audience. Use attractive filters to beautify your pictures before posting. Study other Instagram pages to take reference because filters or picture editing really make a huge difference.

Use geotags

Done with editing the image and writing content. Now, make your posts discoverable by tagging location. It will help reach a new audience to your page while they search for that particular location.

Participate in conversation
Take part in conversions developing on your page by replying to direct messages and comments. It will increase engagement on your page. You can participate on other related pages by liking the posts and commenting. By doing this, you would likely to get new followers.


Make your stories in highlights
Insta stories don’t last more than 24 hours. If you want your stories to stay on your page for longer than convert them into highlights for your profile. And, with an existing audience, these highlights will also engage a new audience.

Conduct giveaway

One of the best ways to get engagement on your posts and page is to run a giveaway. Tempt your audience with attractive and expensive gifts which they easily can’t buy. Ask them to use certain hashtags and tag five or ten friends as a few of the rules so that you could get new followers.

Do paid marketing and ads

All these optimised efforts are great but if you really want to gain an instant following then you need to take influencer marketing into consideration to get exposed to a wider audience. You can also choose to do sponsored ads to reach maximum Insta accounts.

With all the above pointers, you will have to be consistent and creative with your content to keep the audience coming to your page. Build a website for a wider reach of your product as everyone is not there on social media platforms. GetMeAShop,is one of the inexpensive platforms to kick start your blog or e-store with. You will find everything available from website themes to social media integration here.

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