Start Selling On Whatsapp, Facebook With GetMeAShop Bubble

Start Selling On Whatsapp, Facebook With GetMeAShop Bubble

June 14, 2017 Admin 0Comment

The selling experience just got better on your favorite app.

It becomes a daunting task to copy, download and share your product with your customers on Whatsapp and Facebook messenger leading to wastage of your time and energy when you already have a lot to be done. When you manage products using the BizManager app, the hassle of sharing the products to anyone in your Facebook and Whatsapp contacts has now been removed.

GetMeAShop new feature has made it easier for you to fix this BizManager floating bubble on your social networking apps like Whatsapp and Messenger. Merchants can sell/share their products on these social media apps in just few clicks by the help of BizManager. We have merged the social networks and BizManager products with a floating bubble feature where merchants and customers can connect and with few clicks on the bubble, you can share the products from your store with the customers without leaving Messenger/ Whatsapp. By downloading biz manager app, not only you can manage your inventory and orders from mobile but can also sell by sharing your products to your Whatsapp group and Facebook messenger or individually with your prospects without having to leave the app.

By simply tapping the bubble, sharing has become all the more simpler as it could be and you can now share the products with your Whatsapp active users as well as on Facebook messenger. Once you’ve downloaded the biz manager application, not only you’ll be able to manage your inventory, orders, and stock but would also be able to sell via Whatsapp and messenger in few clicks.

1. You can download BizManager app from app store or by clicking this link 
2. Login with your GetMeAShop credentials or click signup to get started with the app
3. Click ‘Next’ on Sell products socially and provide the accessibility settings
4. Add your product which ever you want to sell , go to add product – snap your product, provide its basic details and save
5. Now go to your Whatsapp or FB Messenger, you will find GMAS bubble over your chats
6. Click on bubble, select your product and hit ‘share’
7. Share the direct product link to your contacts and enable them to order your products directly

More than 89% of users access Facebook on their mobile devices and they check Facebook 14 times a day.  Well with this data in hand, you can clearly understand the importance of sharing your products on social apps more than just an email and SMS.  Take your business relationship into personal ones. 

Keep all your sales at your fingertips and manage orders and inventory even on the move. You can download the BizManager app from playstore  using this link and save time and stay in constant connect with your business.