Selling Online: Do’s and Don’ts

September 3, 2015 Admin 0Comment

Are you aspiring to take your business online but feel clueless about where to start? Not anymore. We’ll show you the way. Here are some do’s and don’ts for selling online. Don’t be afraid, take everything head on!


For you, we have prepared an elaborate guide on what to do and what not to do when selling online.

  1. Market Research

Before going online, market research is extremely essential. You need to identify and understand your target audience, on-going trends, customer needs, gaps and competition. You can do this with the help of questionnaires or forum/group discussions. Doing this, will help you come up with an effective marketing and business strategy.

On the contrary, setting up your online business in a rush or with incomplete market and customer information will only lead to disappointment. In order to reach a wider audience and to be successful, you should have thorough market understanding.

  1. Products

Your products will be the driving force behind your business, so make sure you have everything in place.

  • Images: Images are the first and foremost medium to connect with your customer; hence, they should be enticing and attractive enough to make your customer skip a heartbeat!
  • Exclusivity: Your products should be exclusive and exquisite. Customers love whatever is new and unique in the market. Make sure you have a catalogue full of products that stand out.
  • Product description: Give clear and accurate details about your products, avoid exaggeration of any sorts. The customer should find everything he/she is looking for under the product description heading.
  • Price: A fair and reasonable price makes the customer want the product even more. Unreasonable pricing usually drives the customers away, so ensure you win their trust on this.
  • Quality: Always remember that excellent quality leads to customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth publicity for your business! Your primary focus should be on providing unparalleled quality to your customers and trust me they’ll come back for more.

You should avoid low resolution images, vague descriptions, unreasonable pricing and mediocre quality.

  1. Attractive Store Front

There’s no doubt in this that attractive looks appeal to anybody and everybody. Make sure you have a vibrant website, one which is mobile friendly to keep up with the era of mobile revolution. You gain customers’ confidence when you create the following basic yet relevant sections on your website:

  •        About Us
  •        Shipping and Delivery
  •        Policy
  •        Contact Us
  •        Follow Us On

Having these sections in place not only authenticates your presence online but also creates a sense of trust in your customers.

  1. Marketing

You need to promote your business through different marketing mediums to draw customers and increase sales.

  • You can use social media platforms, such Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc., to gain popularity among people and in the market. Social media platforms are a big hit among the digital natives, use them to your advantage.
  • You can send out promotions and offers to your customers through emails.
  • You should also focus on creating content which enhances your website’s visibility. Relevant content will help in generating higher rankings on search engines, automatically increasing traffic.

A few things that you should definitely avoid are cold calls, intrusions and advertisements which are interruptive. Online selling is all about empowering your customer and being the experience or content your customers want to consume.

  1. Safe Online Payment Gateways

Customers may shy away from purchasing your products or services if they sense an unsecure payment gateway. Please ensure you have safe and secure payment options, such as debit cards, credit cards, net banking, PayPal, etc. Also, customers feel happy when the entire process of an online purchase is smooth, safe and hassle free. You have to put in your best to give your customers exactly that!

  1. Packaging and Shipping

Wouldn’t an amazing packaging and timely delivery enhance your shopping experience by leaps and bounds? Exactly, it will! Customers love it when they receive neatly packaged orders on time. Ensure that every package has a clear invoice and accurate shipping details to avoid delays in delivery. Also, having a good courier partner is a must! So ensure that you will leave no stone unturned in enhancing your customer’s shopping experience with your proper packaging and unbeatable timely delivery.

With these few basic tips, I think you’re good to go. Good luck and happy selling! 🙂