6  Steps to start an online business

6 Steps to start an online business

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What is an online business?

The process of buying or selling of products via the internet is referred to as an online business. It consists of commercial transactions, the exchange of products and services between businesses, groups, and individuals. 

Steps to Start an online business

    1. Select business type

Choose the type of business you want to do online. It can be of textile, clothes, footwear, handbags, homemade food, handmade jewellery etc. Decide the business you want to start online first then move on to the next step. 

  1. Calculate the budget

Now, that you are clear with your business idea, do some research and analyze the business cost you will incur in setting up the online store. If you feel the requirement of taking a loan, then go ahead with the formalities.

  1. Decide name

After the budgeting, decide on a name for your online store. A name that will reflect the purpose of your brand. While choosing, consider a short and easy name which is also SEO friendly.

  1. Get a domain

The next step is to register a domain name. The domain name work as the address on the Internet that would help users reach out to your website, and it will end with a .com, .in etc.

  1. Build stock

Starting your own online business comes with various challenges. Start stocking your products before you display them on your online store.

  1. Set up your website/ online store

The last step is to set up a website, for this, you will need to purchase web hosting. You can buy this from the same company that helped you get the domain registration. Hosting will basically provide you with the space on the internet where you would be able to execute your business via a website. It’s the same as renting a house for yourself. The hosting and domain both require the renewal from time to time.

To start an online business successfully, you will need a professional developer to help you, unless you are a pro yourself. You will have to invest a huge amount if you wish to build a tech team for the venture. Moreover, hire people, only if you believe that you have enough budget to do so otherwise you can go with other options too. There are zillions of online portals available that help builds websites.

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