The new age marketing strategy- Guest Blogging

The new age marketing strategy- Guest Blogging

June 13, 2016 Admin 0Comment

Statistics says that 62.96% of people perceive blogs with multiple authors to be more credible. In the growing competition world, this is used as one of the best marketing strategies.  Millions of E-commerce startup blogs is writing guest articles for someone else’s e-commerce blog.  No matter how effective and knowledgeable blog you have, readers may not take you seriously if you go about it all by yourself.

Guest Blogging today has become a profession for many. If you find the writing and publishing procedure to be too time consuming then you can even hire professional to manage your campaigns. It has been proven that Businesses which are adopting this technique are reaping its benefits.  Guest blogging is a bit different from blogging because you will be publishing your content on the blogs which is owned by someone else or getting someone else write for your blog. The question here is why would you want to write on someone else’s blog?

Here are some benefits of guest posting which prove to be a very effective tool for establishing credibility.

Establish your Image

Use the correct facts, add value to their knowledge and establish your image as in expert in the industry. When you do a lot of guest posting, people who look for the content related to your industry will find you everywhere.

Get Quality Traffic

The blogs with high traffic allow other writers to leave their backlinks on the writer’s bio section. Hence, use this exposure to high-quality traffic on your website from those blogs. People will start visiting your business website to know more about you and your products.

Improved SEO ranking

With a good amount of traffic to your website from other sites, the search engine will start improving your search rankings. The more the traffic on your website, the better your ranking will be on search engines.

Increased Exposure

Writing on your own website will get you limited exposure as only those people will be able to see it who visits your site. When you write a guest post, readers on other sites gets to know about you as an expert and will continue to look for your blogs in future for help and guidance.

Interaction and Feedback

Posting blogs on high ranked blogs will get your comments and discussions by people. By staying active in the discussions you can get feedbacks and engagements.

Helps you improve Your Social Presence

You can leave a link your social media links- Facebook page or Twitter handle for the people who consider you who wants to connect with your personally. Your viral blogs might get you good social media back with enormous followers.