10 Tips For A Successful E-commerce Business

10 Tips For A Successful E-commerce Business

January 17, 2019 Admin 0Comment

Entrepreneurship and E-Commerce are the two big words of the Business world these days. Most of the new startups today are using the digital platform aggressively to run their business. Either you are selling a product or a service, there are some rules and tips for ecommerce success to be followed to get the maximum advantage of E-Commerce. In our company, we are approached by many people who want to join this digital age and start a successful E-Commerce business.

We define entrepreneurship simply, as being your own boss, there are numerous different paths one can take to get there. This is by no means an exhaustive list or set rules, in fact, reflect our opinions to achieve them. There is no one right path, and your approach may be a blend of two or more of these approaches.

We thought it might be useful to discuss some of the most common ones here, along with some honest talk about the pros and cons of each. If you wish to have financial freedom and professional satisfaction without getting exploited, follow these steps to become your own boss.

The following tips for ecommerce success are the ones we discuss with them and I am sharing the same with you all who are planning to start an E-Commerce business.

Be legal

If you are online it means all your transactions will happen to your bank accounts. So having a registered firm/ company is a must. If you are planning to start without this then you are just experimenting, it’s not a real business. To be able to enjoy profits and own your business in the log run peacefully it is very important to have a registered online business. This way not only you are doing business legally but also your credibility increases in case of some customer dispute.

Have a good logo, catchy name & tagline

A simple but effective logo with a catchy name and tagline can say a lot about your complete business. Since your customer is not in front of you physically, these things become a lot more important. So, make sure your logo represents your companies ideology and reflects your vision for the company and your tagline supports your logo even further.

Make a kick-ass website

A clean & attractive website that follows the latest trends of technology is a must for you. User-Friendly and fast navigation will help you in converting your visitors into customers. Also, the theme of your website should be in accordance with your business. It should be eye-catching and also subtle at the same time. You just have 3 seconds to retain your visitor and convert him to a potential buyer, so your website and especially your landing page should do the deed remarkably.

Your Products and Packaging should be your focus

If your products are poor, then be ready for product returns or social media complaints and negativity. This can doom your business before it picks up, so be very careful about it. If your products are good then make sure that your packaging is equally good and robust. A broken or damaged product is as bad as a fake or wrong product. So don’t just pay attention to the product that is kept in your warehouse, pay attention to the product that will be delivered to your customer. Ensure that the delivery is done on time and with complete care of the product.

Be very quick to catch the opportunities, trends and special seasons.

You have to be very alert and quick to start and stay in E-Commerce. Keep an eye on what the top E-Commerce companies are planning, what seasons they are targeting, what offers are given by them. If you place your promotion and marketing strategies accordingly then there are high chances that customers will buy from you too rather than only the top established names.

Consistent Social Media Strategy

Everyone who starts E-Commerce knows the importance of Digital & Social Media Marketing. But then also they sometimes do not give so much focus and time on it. Websites/Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, WhatsApp etc. are good ways to create the buzz about your E-Commerce website and brand. Also, these are the best ways of launching new products, offers and targeting special festival seasons etc. If not yourself, you should always hire a good Digital Media Agency who can help you with this. (Read here : Top 5 Social Media Platforms to Kickstart Marketing for Your Business)

Keep your website Responsive and SEO/Google Friendly

When someone is searching on google for the products that you also offer on your website, that time your product pages should come in search results. Also, more than 70% of people must be searching google on mobile so make sure that your website is responsive and people can buy from you from their mobile easily. Responsive websites are those which change shape according to Screen Size of a PC, Tablet or Mobile.

Have a robust Courier / Shipping partner network

Courier/Shipping of your products is the backbone of your E-Commerce company. Make sure that you have a professional agency associated with you. Sometimes you will have to tie-up with multiple Courier/ Shipping agencies because some are good in the domestic region, some will be cost effective to you in International Market etc.

Big Brands don’t happen overnight. Have patience and consistency

From the launch to a minimum 6 months to 1 year your focus should only be on building the brand and increasing number of customers, even at the cost of running the business in the loss. If you are continuously able to increase your orders then you can start increasing the pricing slowly and your customers won’t mind because they now know you well and you have built a reputation.

Know your customers

Keep regularly analyzing the regions from where your visitors are coming. You can use Google Analytics for this. If you have a large range of products, you can also track that which of your product pages are being watched more in which regions. This will help you make region based strategies. Also, target customers demographically. Some products might be for people of a specific age, gender, status, so target them separately. Make your target very clear.

For Eg. You have a product of a garment which is getting a lot of views from south of India, then you can come up with Ads and Facebook Posts of those products and target them in that region and boost sales. Also, you can plan some articles or blogs in the local language etc. If you are getting calls from non-Hindi speaking states to make sure that you have the people who can communicate well with them in English if not in the local language.

That’s it, folks! Now that you know the tips to run a successful e-commerce business, you can start working upon it.