Tips to Convert a One-time Shopper into a Loyal Customer

Tips to Convert a One-time Shopper into a Loyal Customer

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Every business dream to build loyal customers and when it comes to converting a one-time shopper into regular, it becomes a difficult task. One of the tactics that many brands follow is investing a big amount in getting new customers and also making sure that their existing customers are not neglected. There are many such ways to keep your customers coming regularly to you. Have a look at some.


Offer good quality
If you are into businesses like food, clothes or shoes, where quality matters the most, offering a rich quality product at the nominal price will definitely attract more customers and retain old as well.


Build communication
Effective customer communication is the keystone of any successful business. It has been observed that companies that are able to maintain constant communication with the customers enjoy increased sales. So, building communication with the audience is very important to convert them into regular customers.

Provide excellent customer service
Communication is not just about chatting with customers but solving the problem they are facing related to the product or service. If you are able to assist with the solution as quickly as possible then there are fair chances of them coming back.

Fast delivery
Another aspect of an online business is the fast delivery, try to ship the product as soon as you receive the order. Customers don’t want to wait too long for the product to get delivered. Don’t take more than a week to ship and transport the product.

Quick refund
It’s not always in your favour! Some like the product, while some don’t. Take it positively and if you are getting any return request, initiate the refund as soon your delivery executive receives the product.

Special offers during birthday/anniversary month
People feel special if brands treat them like a family and give special offers during their birthdays or anniversaries. They wait each year to avail that offer (e.g. flat 20% or 25% on every product). Giving customised discount is the most effective way to convert a one-time shopper into a loyal customer.

So, make sure you implement the right strategies and deliver what you promise. On the other note, if you have an e-store with GetMeAShop, you can easily customise offers for the existing customers.


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