Tips to write product descriptions for your online store

Tips to write product descriptions for your online store

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What is the product description?

A product description is a content that explains what your product is and why a buyer should purchase it. It has all the basic information related to a product such as size, feature, colour etc. Basically, it helps to sell the product with more authenticity.
Have a look at six easiest tips to motivate your audience to make purchases with the help of product description.
Know your target audience
The very first step to write any product description is to understand and define the target audience.
This begins with breaking down your buyer’s characteristics to know what features will be most valuable to your customers.

Highlight product benefits

When brands sell their products, often get excited about explaining benefits to the audience. But, buyers are least interested in knowing about the ordinary features. They thrive to know what extra-ordinary that product has to offer and how it can benefit them. So, highlight the unique features of the product, don’t go to plain with obvious points.

Keep the language simple
The main objective of writing product content is to entice customers and make them buy the product. This can only be possible if you write content in their language. The tone of description should always be simple and to the point. It should not deviate interest of the customers from the main features of the item.

Use bullet points
While writing for a product description, make sure you use more of bullet points and fewer paragraphs. Highlight integral features in bold and basic features in regular font. Try to write important points in the first four lines, so that the users don’t have to scroll down. This will help buyers to take a quick decision without having to read lengthy content.

Justify superlative
Using superlative sentences in your content sounds misleading unless you prove those points to the users. For instance, if you say XYZ is the world’s most advanced phone. Then, you should provide details why it’s the most advanced phone, mention technical features and logical reasons for users to believe.

Give social proof
Gone are the days when customers used to blindly trust the seller for even an elementary purchase. Now, people read reviews before putting in money on any purchase, be it the cheapest or the costliest. They are often get swayed and convinced to buy the product which has the highest number of positive reviews. So, add one or two screenshots with the description, it will build trust among the users and compel them to make a purchase.

Well, these were some key points which a content writer should work upon to develop product content. Feel free to share on our social media handles, what all details according to you should be considered while writing for a gripping product description! With that said, if you are looking to construct a website or an e-store to sell your products then choose GetMeAShop, it’s one of the best options available.

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