Top 5 Social Media Platforms to Kickstart Marketing for Your Business

Top 5 Social Media Platforms to Kickstart Marketing for Your Business

October 28, 2014 Admin 0Comment

Being online is the way to go. Increase in online shoppers in the past few months has led to an increase in online penetration of retail groups to 65% with around 53.4 million visitors per month and an annual growth of 15%. But, even if the rest of the 35% retail is not online, a higher percentage of them is using social media platforms as an online channel for their businesses. Why do people prefer social media platforms as a marketing channel, be it online or offline? There are several reasons, including increased exposure, increased traffic to website, increased brand awareness, etc. Being a business owner, you might have limited time to list your business on every social media platform but you can’t afford to miss the most important ones. Here are the 5 most important social media platforms to flourish your business online:

1. Facebook: With 1.19 billion users worldwide and an even distribution of users demographically, Facebook is the most used social media platform for creating brand awareness for any business.

2. Twitter: Twitter is also a frequently used platform for marketing. It helps build relationships with influencers and communications with the customers. With the introduction of the image-sharing feature, there has been an increase of 89% in favorites with images over those without and an increase of 150% in retweets, as estimated by Buffer.

3.  Google+: From the point of view of SEO, business listing on Google+ is a must. Google+ is used by businesses mostly for content sharing.

4. Pinterest: Last year, Pinterest was ranked third in the most popular social media platforms. For an e-commerce business, Pinterest is the most important platform because a pin stays influential for a longer period and a pin is worth more than other social platform endorsements. According to a research, 84% of the Pinterest users are females and this makes it the most-used platform for marketing for fashion industries, photographers, jewelers, etc. The infinite scroll feature of Pinterest engages people to your business’s board more than any other social network.

5. LinkedIn: However, LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform, but is mostly used by businesses as a marketing platform for their business. It helps businesses reach the most influential and professional people in their domain. The most common use of LinkedIn as a social networking platform is to make connections in the business world and utilize them when necessary.