Trending Products To Sell Online This New Year!

Trending Products To Sell Online This New Year!

January 23, 2019 Admin 0Comment

The end of the year is the best time to analyse the performance and progress of your work you did over the past twelve months and plan how you want your business to develop for the coming year. If you wish to increase the turnover of an existing business or develop a new business plan then this is the right time to ideate and start fresh. To flourish in e-commerce, you need to work upon three important pointers i.e. it has to be profitable, in-demand, and should have skill or strategy to sell product in the market. The year 2019 is the year of new beginnings. It’s time to tool everything you’ve erudite over the year. To give you a head start, we have streamlined a list of the six trending products to sell online in 2019.



The business of juttis has been flourishing in India so much, there are many manufacturers who are earning good money from this business. You can connect to manufacturers directly and buy pieces in bulk and sell. Jutti business has a good profit margin and it seems to remain in trend in coming years.


Oxidised silver jewellery

Considered as an evergreen jewellery business, it’s never going out of trend. There are very fewer people who have explored this field. People mostly sell artificial silver jewellery and there is a lot of scope in this industry. Hire one or two skilled workers who can make unique oxidised pieces from authentic silver to sell them online.


Simple jewellery


Some people prefer simple things in life. Luckily, minimalist jewellery has been seeing big sales online as well as offline biz. Social channels like Instagram and Pinterest are witnessing people and bloggers flaunting such jewellery pieces. These are also ideal platforms to sell such stuff apart from the website.


Athleisure is a new trend in fashion in which clothing designed for workouts is worn by people in other settings, such as at the workplace other casual or social events. The idea of athleisure is one of the fashion trends that are here to stay. You can sell sweatshirts, yoga pants, shoes, tops, etc. of good quality in attractive colours.

Travel accessories


With the rise of influencers sharing their travel stories and pictures on digital platforms, travelling has itself become a trend. So it’s not surprising that travel accessories like scratch-off maps, suitcases, backpacks, rucksacks, glares, travel size toiletries etc. are driving strong sales. You can include more things and sell them through your store.

Décor items

Start your own decor business, it can be a fun and financially rewarding way to experiment in a creative field. If you are artistic then create handmade decorative items at home or associate with people who make unique home décor pieces. This way, you would be able to collect ample stock to process sell. People look for pretty stuffs that could give their house a unique appeal. So, be different with your ideas and create something that people have never seen before.

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There are many more trending products to sell online in 2019 depending on your budget and interest. Finalise a product and start to work on developing a website to sell online. GetMeAShop is a one-stop e-portal that will crack all your e-store and website related issues. Let us know what products you plan to sell on your e-store!