Update Bulk Shipment Detail For Your Orders

Update Bulk Shipment Detail For Your Orders

May 3, 2018 admin 0Comment

Shipping the orders on your own or from an external logistics partner, this is how we make it easier.


Whenever you ship the orders with any external courier partner or on your own, manual updation of shipment information to your customers and on the dashboard might take a lot of time. With this add-on, you can upload the details in bulk with the help of an excel sheet and save time. The details will be updated and all order statuses will get changed to ‘Dispatched’. You will receive a list of orders in an excel file for which the details are not updated due to incorrect order ID (if any mentioned)



  • Upload the bulk shipment information at ease with the help of an excel sheet
  • Auto-update of waybill number, tracking ID and logistics name on dashboard and website.
  • Automatic SMS and email notifications to your customers(if enabled from settings)


How to use:

  • Go to dashboard > Shipping > Update Shipment Details

  • Download sample excel file
  • Fill the details- Order ID, Courier Partner(name), Waybill and Tracking URL

  • Save the excel file on your desktop > Upload it on dashboard > Click on save
  • The status of orders will be updated as ‘Dispatched’ and details will be updated in the dashboard. (You will receive the list of orders for which details were not updated due to error(incorrect order ID).