Use Facebook Messenger For Business
January 12, 2018 Admin 0Comment

Communications made easy, purchasing easier

Have conversations that results.

GetMeAShop gives your customers the ease to communicate and buy while scrolling down to Facebook messenger. Every customer gets huge queries before buying a product from your store. They can now ask questions using messenger about the product and you can answer it even on the move without having to access multiple chat apps for business.

Keep all your customer queries and business communication in one thread and connect with your customers instantly.

How GetMeAShop Facebook Messenger Works

It’s natural that before making a purchase a customer usually asks question (a lot of them) to be sure about the product and the quality (especially when you are new to eCommerce industry). Facebook messenger acts as a customer support chat box for your eCommerce site now. An instant message lands in your messenger and you can solve the query through the Facebook app.

  • Login with your GetMeAShop credentials or click signup to get started
  • Click ‘Apps’
  • Go to ‘Facebook messenger integration’
  • Paste your script here
    To include the customer chat plugin on your webpage, do the following:
    Whitelist the domain of your website
    Domain Name and HTTPS Required
    Domains must meet the following requirements to be whitelisted:
    Served over HTTPS
    Use a fully qualified domain name, such as IP addresses and localhost are not supported for white listing.
    Include the plugin on your webpage
    (know more about adding script by clicking here)
  • And ‘Save’

This is how it looks


GetMeAShop has got you a step closer to a cutting-edge use case for Facebook messenger. Every time your business receives a message, it will land to the messenger in your phone.

Well this means you now have a completely new customer service module without much hassle. All of the communication goes directly to your Facebook inbox, serving as a new form of live chat for clients.