The Game of Hashtags!

The Game of Hashtags!

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What is a hashtag?


A word that starts with a hash sign (#) and relevantly used on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote any cause or message of a brand is referred as a hashtag. It automatically creates a link that leads to a page that shares the details of the same hashtags used by other brands and individuals. The use of hashtags was started by Twitter as a way of making it easier for users to easily find, follow and contribute to a conversation.


Why to use hashtags?
There are plenty of reasons why Hashtags are used in social media. Take a look at some of them.

It helps to draw the attention of the target audience: Before using any random hashtag in any post, do a research on specific hashtags related to the campaign. By using the appropriate hashtags, you can reach your desired audience and increase your probabilities of being found.

To improve click-through rates: According to research, on Twitter, tweets with hashtags get twice as much engagement as those that don’t have any hashtag. Simply put, you can twofold your engagement and increase click-through rates by adding hashtags to the posts.

It’s great for research: If you are researching on any topic, it’s easier to find the relevant content by searching for related hashtags. You will certainly find tweets and posts relating to what you are looking for! Finding something by hashtags is generally more focused.

How to use a hashtag?
Hashtags give you immense opportunities of delivering and making a message reach to a wider audience. You can create a new hashtag based on the idea of your campaign or use the trending ones. Read below some important rules on how to use hashtags.

  • Don’t spam your audience, use of hashtags that are releavantis important
    Using unrelated hashtag can lead to low engagement and it can also degrade your position if someone reports it as the misleading content.
  • Use focused keywords
    Don’t write a tweet or post that contains each word with a hashtag like #Here #we #go. This way of writing can lead the audience to unrelated and misleading posts. Rather use focused and limited keywords after a research.
  • Don’t use more than 2-3 hashtags in one post
    It is rightly said, “Less is more”! Try to avoid using more than 2-3 focused keywords in one message. Posts or tweets that have more than three hashtags is supposed to gain less reach and engagement.

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