What all your website homepage need to have

What all your website homepage need to have

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What is a homepage?


It is generally the main page of a website where you first land. It has a sum-up of the brand and its offerings.

8 elements every homepage should have


You never get second chance to make an impression. The Homepage of a website is the face of your brand which should speak about how old the company is, where is it based out of, etc. This means, you will need to incorporate elements that attract more traffic.

To improve the performance of the homepage, check out the following elements every homepage must have.

1. A clean template

The homepage should not be cluttered and have too many elements. Just choose a theme that only has important elements that can easily convey your message.

2. Clear message

If people don’t have a clear view of what your company does, what it offers, they are not likely to waste another second to find out, and they will simply leave and might never come back. Hence, a homepage must have brief about the products and services.

3. Product/service highlights

Now comes the important point, it’s about your product and service! Give basic highlights of the product or service you deal in. The heading and description have to be crisp, short and clearly visible on the homepage. So, that it’s easier for the user to understand your offerings.

4. About us

Keep an ‘About Us’ button on the homepage and add a brief introduction of your company there. It will help the audience know about your business and its existence.

5. Contact Information

If your company offers tech support or customer service to the clients then the visitors should be able to find your contact information easily on the homepage. It should primarily have at least an email address and phone number.

6. Social media buttons

Let your audience follow you on social media. Make sure that users can easily find the social media buttons on the homepage.

7. Client testimonials/ social proofs

Ask for reviews from your current customers and capitalise them. Let your potential customers know that you are authentic, offer good quality products and services to build trust.

8. Awards and certification

Has your company been honoured with an award lately? If yes, then put this on the homepage with details of the recognition. It builds credibility and supports your goodwill as an expert in your field.

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